Jupas 2022: How to prepare for Hong Kong’s university main round offers

  • If you received an admissions offer, you only have a few days to pay the HK$5,000 acceptance fee or you could lose your spot
  • Didn’t get an offer this time? There’s still a chance you could get one during the clearing round on August 29
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Here’s what to do once you learn what your JUPAS results are and if you’ve received a main round offer. Photo: Shutterstock

The Joint University Programmes Admissions System, commonly known as Jupas, will release its university main round offers for local students on Wednesday.

What can you expect from the day? Young Post spoke to Ng Po-shing, a student guidance consultant at the youth-focused NGO Hok Yau Club, for tips on possible scenarios you may encounter on Jupas results day and how to prepare for them.

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Scenario: You got an offer at Jupas

Congratulations! Now that you have your offer, there are a few things you need to do:

To accept the offer, applicants must pay the acceptance fee of HK$5,000 before 5pm on August 11. The Jupas site has all the information you need about how to pay the fee.

“If you forget to pay or do it late, the offer will be gone,” said Ng, explaining that lack of payment means you have declined the offer.

He added that if a student had previously accepted an offer from a non-Jupas institution, but is now choosing to go with the Jupas one, they may be able to apply for a refund for previous acceptance fees.

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“Check what criteria qualifies you for a refund, as well as when and how to get one, on their respective websites,” Ng said.

Students must also complete the necessary registration procedures during the designated period specified by the institutions offering them admissions.

If a student declines a Jupas offer, they will not be considered for admission to any other programmes offered under Jupas in the same academic year.

It’s smooth sailing now! Photo: Shutterstock

Scenario: You have appealed your Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) results and you’re still waiting

Although the results for rechecked and remarked DSEs won’t be issued until next Wednesday (August 17), students should still accept their current Jupas offers first to avoid losing them.

“If your appeal review failed and there was no increase in grades, you cannot claim your Jupas offer back,” Ng said.

On the contrary, if students succeed in their appeal review and receive an upgraded DSE score, they can request their application be reconsidered based on their updated results and could subsequently receive better offers.

The announcement of offers based on appealed results will be held on August 25.

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Scenario: You did not get a Jupas offer

Students without any offers might enter a clearing round if vacancies are still available after the main round; these results will be released on August 29.

If a student did not get a Jupas offer and did not apply for any postsecondary programmes not covered by Jupas, they should start looking for schools as soon as possible.

“Many institutions, such as those offering self-financed degrees or associate degrees outside of the Jupas system, would offer immediate admission,” Ng said.

These interviews could be online or face-to-face; students need to check for themselves on how to prepare for such applications.

More information can be found on the Jupas website.

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