What’s new in Young Post? Weekly student podcast, improved study tools, audio function to listen to feature stories

  • We will continue to prioritise stories that shed light on how young people are making a difference in Hong Kong and around the world
  • Our new features for the 2022-23 academic school year will help students build a desire to learn about current events and develop a love for reading and writing
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Young Post has all sorts of new features to help you get ahead in the 2022-23 academic year. Photo: Shutterstock

Welcome back to school! As the new academic year begins, we at Young Post are thrilled to continue bringing you a rich 24-page print edition every Monday, offering you informative, educational and entertaining reads.

Since our revamp last year, we have been producing more original content focusing on what you care about. We cover serious issues in Hong Kong and in the international news, and we interview interesting people and inspiring change-makers.

We prioritise stories that shed light on how young people are making a difference, such as climate activists raising awareness about the environment and content creators offering support and inspiration for teens.

Last year, we interviewed two primary school students, Reaha (left) and Dhaanya Ganeriwal, about why they take to the streets every Friday to raise awareness about the climate emergency. Photo: SCMP

At the same time, our study tools provide you with an engaging offline and online learning experience.

This year, we remain committed to helping you improve your English literacy, while offering a platform for you to express yourself. Through the good times and the bad, we hope to stay connected and let you know we will be there.

Here is your guide to everything new coming to Young Post for the 2022-23 academic year. Check out how the 24-page edition looks here.

If you have subscribed to Young Post’s 24-page print edition via your school, you already have an account to access our website. But for newcomers, check out our subscription packages here:

So what’s new this year?

1. Our new weekly podcast: Snack for the Soul

What better way to amplify the voices of Hong Kong youth than a podcast by the city’s students? In the new school year, we will release new episodes of our podcast, Snack for the Soul, every Friday.

The bite-size instalment invites young people to share their thoughts under a theme. When you tune in, you can close your eyes and listen to how students across the city are doing.

If you are a secondary school student based in Hong Kong and would like to be featured on our podcast, please send an email to [email protected].

Snack for the Soul began as a way to help students get through the fifth wave of Covid-19. Now, we’re launching it as a regular podcast. Photo: Handout

2. Listen to feature stories on our website

Starting from September, feature stories on Young Post will come with a read-aloud function to help you learn and read in a new way. In the print edition, scan a QR code on the Cover and Talking Points pages to find the audio version.

These pages will continue to dive into issues you care about so that you fall in love with reading and writing. We have added subheadings to these stories to help you more easily digest what you’re reading.

The Cover page has a larger vocabulary box, and the reading comprehension worksheets on Talking Points will be available in two formats – a printable version and a mobile-friendly interactive exercise.

Check out one of our stories with the new read-aloud function.

3. New and improved study tools

A new explainer page, STEM Lab, breaks down complex questions about science, technology, engineering and maths through engaging infographics.

Our new page, The Lens, provides a picture from the news alongside a short article and questions to help you dive deeper into the issue. Write to us with your thoughts on the topic, and we might publish your response in the next edition.

The Word Up page will provide a weekly dose of bilingual education, featuring useful tips on English writing, idioms and vocabulary, as well as our beloved column explaining trendy Cantonese slang.

Hot Topics will continue taking an in-depth look at current events with questions to level-up your critical thinking and a glossary to explain new concepts. We’ve also added sample answers to the online version to help guide your discussions.

Study Buddy – you can choose from the easier Explorer version or the tougher Challenger one – is developed by the British Council to sharpen your ability to draw inferences and read between the lines. Listen Up also has engaging English listening activities in print and online.

We’ve got all the tools you need to succeed in school. Illustration: Shutterstock

4. Your participation

Everyone who reads our stories, writes to us and subscribes is part of our community. But if you want to become a junior reporter where you can pitch story ideas, please sign up here. Our reporters will work with you to see if your writing can be published.

As a platform for you to speak up on important issues, Your Voice will continue featuring long and short letters that present a wide range of views. Submit your entries by scanning the QR code in print or filling out the form here.

We will also continue our writing competition, Brain Game, with grand prizes for the top three winners, as well as Top 10, where we publish our readers’ thoughts on an interesting question every week.

5. Awards

Every month, we announce our Best of the Month Awards to appreciate the outstanding writing we receive from students. YP editors pick the top submissions for Best Letter, Best Face Off and Most Creative Submission. Each winner gets a YP certificate and a special YP gift.

Let’s have a fun year learning English together!

Best regards,

Emily Tsang

Editor, Young Post

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