DSE 2022: 2 more Hong Kong students become ‘top scorers’, bringing total number up to 11

  • Yu Tung-ching and Au Pui-yan achieve top scores of 5** in seven subjects following successful appeals to upgrade their marks
  • Pair become first to earn distinguished marks at their respective alma maters, with both studying overseas in the United Kingdom

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Yu Tung-ching has become one of this year’s top scorers in the city’s university entrance exams. Photo: Handout

Two more Hong Kong students have become “top scorers” for this year’s university entrance examinations after their marks were raised following an appeal, bringing the total number of such pupils to 11.

The pair, both aged 18 and now studying in Britain, are Yu Tung-ching, from New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School, and Au Pui-yan, from Sheng Kung Hui Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School in Kwai Chung.

Both students have become their alma maters’ first top scorers for the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) examinations.

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With their successful appeal, the city now has a total of 11 high fliers who achieved the top score of 5** in seven subjects. Among this elite group, five have earned perfect marks in eight subjects, making them “super top scorers”.

Yu, who is studying at the University College London under the HKU-UCL Dual Degree Programme in Law, had her geography and economics results upgraded, achieving a perfect 5** across seven subjects in this year’s examinations.

She told the Post on Monday that she was “happy and surprised” at becoming the pride of her alma mater. “My family originally thought that my result was good enough to send me to law studies and queried whether I needed to recheck my result as it required time, effort and money,” she said. “But my teachers encouraged me as they thought I stood a chance in getting a better result … we are now sharing the honour together.”

Top scorer Au Pui Yan is pursuing her studies at the University of Cambridge. Photo: Handout

The proud student said she hoped her experience could encourage more young ones to study at her alma mater, adding that she planned to return to Hong Kong to pursue her career after graduation in four years.

“I hope I can help other students to pursue their studies overseas,” Yu said. “I also wish to contribute to popularise legal knowledge.”

The upgraded scores also came as a surprise for Au, who is now a Natural Sciences (Biological) student at the University of Cambridge. “I did not expect such a good result. I am really thankful for my school’s guidance,” she said. “I have also gained a lot of motivation from my classmates. We studied online together amid the raging pandemic.”

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Au said she had developed an interest in science when she was around 16 and preparing for tryouts to find candidates for an international science competition. “From that experience, I learnt that the most challenging thing in science is what we do not know. It arouses my curiosity,” she said.

“I hope to work in fields of scientific research and healthcare technology in the future as people in the society have different medical needs and technological advancement will be crucial.”

The last time a student received a scores adjustment was in August, when 18-year-old Enzo Leung Ka-long had his economics scores upgraded to a 5** after an appeal. This made him the city’s fifth “super top scorer” this year.

According to the city’s exam authority, some 47,891 candidates sat for this year’s DSE between April 22 and May 14.

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