Hong Kong Disneyland unveils new World of Frozen, complete with shows and rides to immerse you in the Kingdom of Arendelle

  • New realm brings the story of Anna and Elsa to life just in time for the 18th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland and 100 years of The Walt Disney Company
  • Revisit the plot from the first film on the Frozen Ever After ride and take part in the story at the musical Playhouse in the Woods
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Be sure to stop by Arendelle Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland’s World of Frozen. Photo: Handout

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will open the world’s first Frozen-themed land on Monday, bringing the enchanting realm of Arendelle to life.

The World of Frozen immerses guests in the story of Disney’s Frozen, focusing on the “Summer Snow Day” celebration commemorating Anna’s heroic act of true love that saved her elder sister Elsa and the kingdom.

With stunning landscapes, captivating music, and one-of-a-kind attractions, the land offers guests immersive travel experiences in the magical world of Arendelle.

Amanda Chiu Nga-yan, senior producer at Walt Disney Imagineering Asia, expressed her team’s pride in the seven-year effort to build the land and create a tailor-made storyline for Hong Kong.

Chills and thrills at Hong Kong Disneyland’s new World of Frozen attraction

“This is Hong Kong Disneyland’s largest expansion project … When we designed the theme park, we took advantage of the natural view of Lantau Island to match with the forest park,” said Chiu, highlighting the North Mountain, the highest point in Arendelle, where Elsa created her Ice Palace, as an example of how the team incorporated the local landscape into the design.

The producer emphasised the meticulous attention to detail in the architecture and landscaping, which drew inspiration from both the films and Nordic culture.

Among the landmarks in the Frozen-themed land is Arendelle Castle, where Anna and Elsa were born and raised. The castle is adorned with snowflakes and other icy features and lights up at night, symbolising the royal family’s protection over its citizens.

The World of Frozen incorporates many details and designs from Nordic culture. Photo: Handout

Another spot from the films is Clock Tower Square, where Anna danced with Prince Hans and sang “Love is an Open Door”. Wood-carved glockenspiel figures of Anna and Elsa decorate the tower, celebrating the day Anna saved her sister and Arendelle.

The launch of the Frozen-themed area coincides with the 18th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland and 100 years of The Walt Disney Company.

“We will continue to create new seasonal events in the Frozen world to maintain our competitiveness. I am confident that we will attract a lot of guests from southern China and Southeast Asia,” Chiu said.

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Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After is a captivating boat ride that takes guests on a musical journey through the North Mountain. As they sail through the icy landscapes, guests can witness the magnificent Elsa’s Ice Palace and experience her magical icy powers.

The ride immerses visitors in the festive atmosphere of Summer Snow Day, where they can join the beloved characters and the community of Arendelle in joyful celebrations. Be prepared for some unexpected surprises, such as thrilling backwards and forward plunges down short waterfalls!

Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs

Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs is an exhilarating high-speed coaster exclusive to the World of Frozen. This ride was specially designed for the Summer Snow Day celebration by Oaken – with some help from the happy snowman, Olaf.

The ride takes guests on a high-speed journey through the picturesque landscapes of Arendelle. The coaster zooms across hills, takes daring twists and turns, and even ventures through caves and over fjord waters, providing a breathtaking view of the kingdom’s natural beauty. But keep in mind: the minimum height requirement for this ride is 95cm.

Hang on tight on Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs! Photo: Handout

Playhouse in the Woods

Playhouse in the Woods offers guests an immersive and interactive theatrical experience where they become part of the Frozen story. The playhouse represents a childhood hideaway for the sisters, built by their parents to provide Elsa with a safe space to practice her ice magic freely.

The show begins with Anna and Olaf inviting guests to join them in a singalong to call upon Elsa before the trio embarks on a magical journey. There will be four versions of the show for guests to enjoy, incorporating different special effects and sensory elements.

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