It's time to bring on Brazil

A month of fun and football is almost upon us, and there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy the action, even if you aren't normally a big sports fan


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The World Cup kicks off in Brazil tomorrow. Here's what the Young Post team and cadets are most looking forward to.

David Bartram

I'm looking forward to chatting with Young Post's football fanatics every night from 9pm at Also, England hopefully not humiliating themselves, although I'm not holding my breath.

Leon Lee

Seeing how the US does in this year's soccer (football will always be the one with helmets) tournament. They surprised everyone four years ago, and the sport has really grown Stateside since then.

Young Wang

It would be the best-ever World Cup if Brazil - my favourite national team - won for the sixth time.

John Kang

Son Heung-min, Ki (to our team) Sung-yueng and Koo (-l, we'll win the World Cup!) Ja-cheol leading the Taegeuk Warriors all the way to the final!

Ariel Conant

The food! Hot wings, nachos, all the favourites. We're talking about the Super Bowl right? Football?

Heidi Yeung

Inviting like-minded (read: uninterested) friends over for a Friends marathon …

M.J. Premaratne

Guten Tag! Yes, I'm a Germany fan, and I'd love it if they won the Cup for the fourth time. But for the sake of the "beautiful game", let's hope the best team wins.

Wong Yat-hei

All the snacks that will be on special offer. While people are watching the games, I'll stock my snack cabinet.

Sam Gusway

Seeing everyone's second favourite teams. After your home team drops out (or, if you're Canada, didn't qualify), who will you cheer for?

YP cadet Sharon Lee

Even if you're not interested in football, what's not to like about midnight junk food feasts with family and friends?

YP cadet Marianne Yap

I'm not really interested in football but I suppose it would be interesting to see all the flags from the countries taking part.

YP cadet Winnie Yip

The festive atmosphere on the street, with restaurants decorated with flags and serving exotic dishes from different nations.

YP cadet Konza Akhtar

A lot of girls I know would say it's all about the cute guys and their abs!

YP cadet Ema Esrat Farjana

People debating about which team will win.

YP cadet Limbu Laxmi

I've never been part of the World Cup craze, but this year I'd like to join the crowds and see what it's all about.

YP cadet Jocelyn Ng

Because of the time difference, I'm looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night to watch matches!