Teen Russian skater Alexandra Trusova makes history with quadruple Lutz jump

Agence France-Presse

The jump is one of the most difficult in figure skating and was previously performed at official events by men only

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Alexandra has made history.

Russian figure skater Alexandra Trusova, this year’s world junior champion, made history at the weekend by executing a quadruple Lutz jump for the first time in women’s skating. Alexandra, 14, also performed a combination of quadruple-triple toe loops to collect 146.7 points for her free routine to win the ISU Junior Grand Prix event at Kaunas, in Lithuania.

Alexander Gorshkov, the head of the Russian figure skating federation, congratulated the skater.

“Alexandra already performed the quads last year but with a quadruple Lutz jump she raised her skating to a higher level,” Gorshkov told journalists.

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The jump named after Austrian skater Alois Lutz, who first performed it in 1913, is one of the most difficult elements in figure skating and was previously performed at official events by men only.

Alexandra said she would continue to work to improve her free routine performance for the next Grand Prix stage, which will take place in Slovenia. “I was nervous as it was the first tournament of the season and my first attempt ever to perform three quads in my free routine,” she said. “I committed some mistakes.”

Alexandra is just the latest teenage skating star to come off Russia’s remarkable production line. Alina Zagitova was just 15 when she won the women’s singles figure skating title at this year’s Pyeongchang Olympics.