YOG of the week: Jeff Lum Ching-tat

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Name: Jeff Lum Ching-tat

School: Diocesan Boys' School

Grade: Form Five

Sport: Swimming

Achievements Jeff, 17, is a member of the Hong Kong swimming team and the winner of the 2009 BOC Hong Kong Junior Sports Stars Awards. At last year's East Asian Games, he won the bronze medal in the 4x100m men's freestyle relay. He holds the Hong Kong short- and long-course records in the 50m and 100m men's freestyle.

He also won three gold medals last year at the Asian Youth Games in Singapore, and silver and bronze in relays at the Asian Swimming Championships.

How he qualified 'I qualified for the Youth Olympic Games after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I made the qualifying time in a local competition and confirmed a ticket to the first ever YOG in Singapore.'

Soundbite 'After the East Asian Games last year, I spent a lot of time recovering and adjusting my form. I didn't do well in a competition in Australia in April and I was puzzled by my poor physical condition. To catch up I continued training even when I was taking the HKCEE.

'My coaches use an underwater camera to record my stroke. It helps me adjust my style and I am now very close to my best time.

'Due to limits on the number of people going to YOG, a coach will not be coming with the swimming team. But luckily we still have our former Hong Kong swimming star, YOG ambassador Sherry Tsai Hiu-wai, helping us in the competition.'

From the coach 'Jeff is mature and independent. He is very determined to achieve his goal and remains patient when he is not performing well. He is training full-time with the Hong Kong team and I think his hard work will give him a chance to have more excellent results at the international level,'coach Lum Tak-ming said.

Insight for the Games 'Last year, I won three gold medals at the Asian Youth Games in Singapore. This time I will participate in the 50m and 100m freestyle, and my target is gold in 50m freestyle and a medal in the 100m. I will need to beat my main rivals from the US, Germany and Brazil to reach my goal.'

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