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Name: Janet Yu Wai-ting

School: Sacred Heart Canossian College

Grade: Form Five

Sport: Swimming

Achievements Janet, 17, is a member of the Hong Kong swimming team. She won a gold and a silver at the Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi, Vietnam last year. At the 2009 Asian Swimming Championships, she claimed a silver medal in the relay event.

How he qualified 'I did well in the qualifying events. I was selected for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) but was later left out. In July, I was included again after more places were offered by the organising committee,' Janet said.

Soundbite 'Last year I only competed in the relay and long-distance events held on the final day of the Division One Inter-school Swimming Competition which clashed with the National Games in Shandong .

'I broke the tournament sectional record in the first leg of the 4x50-metre freestyle relay. This gave me more confidence for future competitions,' Janet said.

'I had already qualified for the YOG, but later the organising committee announced that only two swimmers could go to Singapore. It was heart-breaking but I told myself I shouldn't be sad.

'After this year's HKCEE, I was preparing for the Asian Games when, all of a sudden, my coach told me I would be going to the YOG. I was very happy, but at the same time, a little confused.'

From his coach 'Janet will also represent Hong Kong at the Asian Games [in Guangzhou in November]. She is now training in Hawaii in preparation for the YOG. The competition will be tough but I am sure she'll do well,' said Chen Jianhong, coach of the Hong Kong swimming team.

Insight for the Games 'I want to improve my personal best time at the YOG and enter the finals. I will also participate in the relay with the other three Hong Kong swimmers. I hope we do well in Singapore,' Janet said.

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