Hong Kong teenage fencer Edgar Cheung is going to the 2016 Rio Olympics

By staff writer, with additional reporting by Ben Pang
By staff writer, with additional reporting by Ben Pang |

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Fencer Edgar Cheung Ka-long is going to Rio!

Nineteen-year-old Edgar Cheung Ka-long has secured a spot at the Rio Olympics! On Tuesday, he earned a title in the men’s foil individual at the 2016 Asian Fencing Championships in Wuxi, China. He is the first Hongkonger to win gold in this event.

Cheung in the semi-final scored an impressive 15-7 win against 2012 London Olympic champion China’s Lei Sheng. Cheung was behind at the beginning by 1-4, but managed to make a strong comeback by adjusting his strategies and rhythm. After taking the lead by 9-6, Cheung's confidence grew, and it showed in how his game improved. He dominated the rest of the semi-final and finally defeated Lei by a close 15-14.

The final was even more nail-biting as Cheung and Japan’s Takahiro Shikine competed to the point of a tie multiple times. When they reached a 9-9 tie, Shikine dominated the match by scoring five times in a row. Although Cheung was behind by 9-14, he managed to fight back to a 14-14 tie. After that, Cheung went on the offensive and defeated his Japanese opponent by 15-7.

"My goal was to represent Hong Kong at the Rio Olympics, so this is like a dream come true," said a delighted Cheung. "It has been nerve-racking ever since I found out I had to compete in the zonal qualification."