Your Voice, Hong Kong: Rugby, and what it means to young people involved with the sport in the city

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From left: Hayley Lai, Poppy Tyrrell and Rob Carmichael at the SCMP office.

Arguably one of the biggest sporting events on the Hong Kong calendar, the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens saw thousands flock to the iconic Hong Kong stadium two weeks ago.

In Hong Kong, for many the sport holds a truly special place in their lives. It goes beyond just being a competitive game for entertainment value.

On this episode, we speak with three young students - Poppy Tyrrell, Hayley Lai and Rob Carmichael - who play for the HKU Sandy Bay U16's team. They tell us how rugby is shaping them as individuals, and providing them with numerous opportunities.

Mui Thomas has to go through a very specific routine in order to ensure that she remains safe and healthy on the pitch.
Photo: Nora Tam/SCMP

Later, Mui Thomas, the first and only rugby referee in the world with Harlequin Ichthyosis - a rare genetic condition that causes her skin to grow very thick with painful cracks - shares her story, and the adversities she's had to overcome.

And Jessica Ho Wai-on, who plays for the Hong Kong Women's National team joins us to share her story growing up playing rugby, and what it means to her to now represent her country in the sport that she loves. 

Jessica Ho Wai-on during the Hong Kong vs Fiji Women's Rugby World Cup 2017 Qualifiers at Kings Park Sports Ground.
Photo: Hong Kong Rugby Union

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