G. T. Ellen Yeung College sets nuts nunchaku Guinness World Record

By Ben Pang
By Ben Pang |

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Setting a Guinness World Record is a group effort!

G.T. Ellen Yeung College sets the Guinness World Record for the largest nunchaku session with the most participants today - 507 participants, to be exact!

Nunchaku, or nunchuks, are a traditional martial arts weapon from the Japanese island of Okinawa. They are made of two stick connected by a short rope or chain.

The three main criterias for the record were: there must be a minimum of 250 people participants, it must last at least 30 minutes, and it must include 50 moves, which is typical of a nunchaku session.

"It was great to be invited to witness such an inspirational record," said Guinness World Record adjudicator Joanne Marie Brent. "These students were enthusiastic and tried hard, no matter it was their first time or they are experienced nunchaku athletes. Everyone took part and it was great to see."

A student at the college, 15-year-old Anson Tang Ling-fung who took part in setting the record, said the sport is an indispensable part of his school's physical education.

"We train every week and the sport has strengthened us physically, especially our upper body muscles. It's incredible to experience the process of breaking a Guinness World Record," said Anson.