5 extreme sports you can try right here in HK

By Ben Young

If you’re a thrill-seeking, adventure-loving, all-round sports lover, then read on – we’ve had a look at the best brotastic activities you can do in HK

By Ben Young |

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Canyoning is a combination of stream trekking, abseiling, trail running, rock climbing, swimming, diving and sliding.

When people think of Hong Kong, they usually think of tall buildings, shopping centres, and offices. But our city is also filled with parks, hiking trails – and extreme sports. If you’re an adrenaline junkie with a spare weekend or two, then check out some of these amazing activities with your squad, as you celebrate Brovember.

All that dirt

The MX Club in Sheung Shui has a dirt biking course for people of all ages, with smaller bikes available for younger bikers. There’s nothing quite as exciting as riding a miniature motorcycle over dirt slopes and being thrown up into the air. Four-wheeled bikes, known as quad-bikes, are also available for anyone who’d prefer a bit more stability.

A real warrior test

Although Spartan Race Hong Kong only happens two or three times a year at Kam Tin Country Park, it’s something any extreme sports fan simply can’t afford to miss. There’s a 13km run that features 25 obstacles, including rope climbs, carrying buckets of rocks up a mountain, crawling through muddy water under barbed wire, and a javelin throw.

This is more than just a race – it’s a test of will that pushes you to your limit, from which you will emerge a stronger, better person. Expect to get sweaty, muddy, and gross – like a real Spartan warrior – by the end.

The art of self-defence

Mixed martial arts is a total body workout.
Photo: AFP

For the ultimate challenge. try mixed martial arts (MMA) – it encapsulates every form of martial arts, including boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu. MMA is a great way to learn more about your body, and is fantastic for improving fitness. The harder you work, the more improvements you will see. You can train in MMA at lots of different gyms in the city.

Bike for your life

Hong Kong is pretty hilly, which makes it perfect for mountain biking. Tai Mo Shan, Lamma Island, Chi Ma Wan and Dragon’s Back all have beautiful views at the top that make the climb worth it, which is then followed by a thrilling ride downhill.

This sport requires lots of concentration on your part – one wrong move can mean suffering a serious injury. Always wear a helmet and pads, keep your bum behind the back of your seat, and use your front brakes lightly – otherwise you might find yourself flipping over your handles!

Hilly Hong Kong is perfect for a bit of mountain biking.
Photo: Chan Kin-wa/SCMP

Canyoning into the unknown

If you love the outdoors and challenging yourself, nothing beats canyoning. Hong Kong may be a busy city, but you can find great places for canyoning in the country parks in the New Territories and Sai Kung.

Canyoning is a mix of stream trekking, abseiling, trail running, rock climbing, swimming, diving, and sliding. You need a lot of gear, and a lot of training.

YP web editor Heidi Yeung learned canyoning with outdoor education company Dragonfly. Canyoning takes a lot of know-how but is perfect for anyone who likes extreme sports.

Edited by Ginny Wong