Not going green with envy over this! Water in the Olympic diving pool turns very, very green

By staff writer

But no explanation has been given for the water changing colour

By staff writer |

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China's Lin Yue, bottom left, and Chen Aisen, and Brazil's Ingrid Oliveira, top right, and Giovanna Pedroso.

There was something strange in the neighbourhood of the Olympics diving pool in Rio. The sparkling blue water turned a terrible shade of green, that reminds us of slime from a certain movie. Could it have been because Leslie Jones, who plays a Ghostbuster in the latest movie, was whisked to Rio to tweet for a sports channel? Probably not.

But with no official explanation given, we can only guess. Outdoor pool water can turn green if there is not enough chlorine in the water. Nevertheless, the diving went ahead as planned. Fina said there was no danger to the divers. Some divers were a bit put off, others just said it was not unusual.

China’s Chen Ruolin and Liu Huixia claimed gold, with Malaysia taking silver and Canada in for the bronze.