Local football finally gets some good news, as Hong Kong beat Singapore 2-0

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Hong Kong head coach Kim Pan-gon has given football fans in the 852 something to smile about.

Hong Kong coach Kim Pan-gon said his charges on Tuesday night had put in a positive performance by defeating Singapore 2-0 to cancel out some of the bad press that had been in the headlines.

Hong Kong football was last week rocked by the news that the new Kitchee Centre is set to be closed to make way for public housing, followed by a match-fixing case involving Pegasus Premier League players.

But Kim put in a positive spin with a 2-0 victory at Mong Kok Stadium to win the friendly.

“We did not concede a goal for two games and it’s good, especially today when we wanted to give something positive back to the citizens,” said the coach. “I hope they would continue coming back to support us and support Hong Kong soccer.”

In front of a 4,200-strong crowd, who, in previous home matches have booed the China national anthem, there was none of that.

They did cheer wildly for Alex Akande when the naturalised striker scored in the closing stages of the first half. He also found the target against Cambodia in Hong Kong’s previous match, which they won 2-0.

A powerful right footer from Huang Yang midway into the second period gave Hong Kong their fourth win over the visitors since 2006.