Top 10: What would happen if a vampire bit a zombie?

  • What asked our readers what the result would be if a bloodsucker fed on the undead
  • From humans having to go to Mars or the moon to ensure the survival of the species to vampires ruling the world, here’s what they thought
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What would happen if a vampire bit a zombie?

The vampire would probably be infected by a zombie virus. The vampire’s immune system would not be able to stop the spread of the virus throughout its body. Then the vampire would start feasting on a diet of human blood and brains.

Vijay Sathappan Narayanan, 12, Island School

The vampire would throw up and become weak. Then the zombie would bite the vampire. Although the vampire will never die, it can still be infected with a virus. Then we would have a vampire-zombie!

Wong Ying-chun, 16, Valtorta College

The zombie would turn into a “vambie” (half vampire, half zombie). Since vampires suck blood and zombies eat human brains, the vambie would do both, which isn’t good news for us!

Szeto Ho-yin, 12, King Ling College

The story behind vampires, zombies and other monsters that haunt Halloween

There would be two scenarios. First, the vampire would become infected; this “zombie vampire” would freak out even Frankenstein. Second, there’s a chance the zombie would retaliate, ending in a funny situation where the two would keep spinning in circles as they try to push each other away till the end of time.

Carlos Cheung Kai-yat, 16, Valtorta College

The vampire would become the ultimate zombie. It would be scarier, deadlier and more evil than a zombie – although this is unlikely to happen. First of all, neither zombies nor vampires exist. Second, if there were zombies, there probably wouldn’t be vampires. Why should zombies be scared of vampires? Finally, vampires like fresh blood, so they definitely wouldn’t want to drink zombie blood. Even if they did exist, I don’t think a vampire would bite a zombie.

Chiu Ka-yat,12, Maryknoll Fathers’ School

The zombie would gain all the vampire’s powers. It would be able to suck human blood and eat human flesh with its sharp teeth or fangs. But these zombie vampires might be scared of garlic and sunlight, so we humans would have a chance.

Dora Jiang Xin-tong, 12, Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary School

Robert Pattinson's vampire is different from the traditional lore.

It would be so strange. I had never thought about this before. However, if it did happen, I think the zombie would probably be fine because it is already “dead” (similar to the vampire). Both of them are very strong so I think they would fight until one of them dies. Or “dies”.

Ng Lok-yi, 14, PLK Tang Yuk Tien College

If a vampire bit a zombie and drank all its blood, the zombie would be weaker and wouldn’t be able to eat human brains any more. Then the rest of the vampires would overpower all the zombies on Earth!

Cheung Pok-him, 12, Maryknoll Fathers’ School

The vampire could drain all the blood from the zombie and it would die. Or it could become a super-zombie and seek revenge on the vampire. Then it would likely attempt to destroy humanity, and all humans would become half-vampire, half-zombie. They would be really strong and live forever, and humans who were lucky enough to survive the attack would have to go to Mars or the moon to “reboot” humankind.

Hayden Mak Wing-him, 12, Lung Kong WFSL Lau Wong Fat Secondary School

The virus from the zombie blood would enter the vampire’s body. If the vampire was weak, the virus would kill it. However, if the vampire was strong, it would gain new powers and never die. It would not be afraid of the sun any more. More ultra-powerful vampires would emerge. They would kill all humans, and they would rule the world.

Shum Chun-kit, 15, Shun Tak Fraternal Association Seaward Woo College

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