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What does your best friend mean to you?

My best friend is Leo Tam. He was my classmate in primary school. We exchange comics, play games, and chat about interesting topics. 

We used to chat a lot at school, but now we go to different secondary schools. So we use WhatsApp to keep in touch.

We’ll sometimes share photos of comics and discuss mobile games such as Slam Dunk, Lego Tower and Pokémon Go.
Hugo Yip, 12, Scientia Secondary School

My BFF is Tommy. We first met in Form One, and were in the same group for a liberal studies project. 

We have coffee together during recess and talk about things going on outside school. When I feel blue, he greets me with a laugh.

At weekends, we go running together. As we run, he tells a lot of jokes to make me laugh. He gives my life more energy. He is my hoi sum guo, or “pistachio” – my happy nut, the one who always makes me happy!
Matthew Au-yeung, 16, Lingnan Secondary School

BFFs: Instant connection

My best friend is Herman. We met in Secondary One. There are no secrets between us. We usually go to the public library to read. We both love reading.

Although Herman is studying in another school now, we still keep in touch. He helps solve many of my problems, such as worries about my studies. He is very patient. He is my  role model.

Thank you Herman for being my best friend. I hope our friendship can last forever.
Max Chan Junxi, 15, STFA Seaward Woo College

My best friend is Ken Lam. The first time I met him, he said the pattern on my mask made it look like underwear! Ken is a very outspoken person. We argue a lot about small things and sometimes he teases me. However, we share happy moments together at recess and during lessons. I hope we’ll stay as good of friends forever.
Fong Hon-tak, 11, Catholic Ming Yuen Secondary School

Best friends until the end

There is a very important person in my life, and he is called Ben. Ben is not only my older brother, but also my best friend. Ben has always been with me, no matter if I’m happy or sad.

We enjoy playing games and chatting with each other. With Ben, I feel that there is someone who will always support me. 

I am very grateful for my brother and I love him.
Sammi Ip, 15, Fung Kai No. 1 Secondary School

If you would like to tell us about your BFF, send your story to [email protected], along with your full name, age and school. Feel free to attach a picture of you and your pal, including a caption of who’s who! All images must be 1MB and you should get the permission of your friend or friends to use them.

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