Talking points: If you could get the Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow, would you?

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I think I would get a Covid-19 shot. Then I would be able to go to school and have face-to-face learning with my teachers and classmates. The study environment at school is so much better than that in online lessons.

Also, having the injection would mean I could take part in my favourite sport, archery, again. I really hope we can get the Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Jacky Shi, 16

I wouldn’t take it, because there are social-distancing measures in place now. If people strictly follow these rules and minimise gatherings, I think they will be safe.

I would save the vaccines for high-risk people or those who desperately need them, such as businessmen.

Ernest Chung Ho-ting, 14

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I will closely follow the news about the vaccinations in Britain, and see ​what side-effects people have after getting the Pfizer ​jab. Any reports of side-effects or serious allergic reactions would prevent me from getting vaccinated.

Link Chow Yu-fu, 16

I wouldn’t get the vaccine since there are still some safety concerns about it. In fact, we have been kept in the dark about its side-effects. What if the vaccine causes some serious problems?

Plus, how long will a Covid-19 vaccine be effective? I will not put my life at risk.

Fish Ng Yuen-man, 17

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I won’t get the Covid-19 vaccine, because I don’t know if there will be any dangerous side-effects or other reactions. As I cannot be sure the jab is 100 per cent safe, I won’t take it.

Katherine Cheng

Definitely yes. This is because getting vaccinated is a kind of security not only for myself but also for others. So much the better if the vaccine does not lead to any side-effects.

Crystal Chan, 17

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