Talking Points: What are your hopes for the new year?

  • What do you hope for yourself or your community in 2021?
  • We spoke to students about their dreams for the year, and some of their answers are simply having dinner out with friends, whilst others hope for their community to be more caring.
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What are your hopes for the new year?

I hope to is to study hard. I hadn’t taken education seriously before Covid-19. Last year, not only did I witness how students were struggling with preparing for the HKDSE, I was also very much affected as my school moved most tests and lessons online. I shouldn’t be unhappy though. My second resolution is to face this “new normal” optimistically.

Amilo Lau Cheuk-hin, 20

I hope to be a more optimistic person and be positive when I am facing difficulties. I usually feel powerless in these situations, but improving my mood will help me overcome this problem.

Ngai Cheuk-yi, 15

At the end of 2019, I wished to have a long holiday so that I could do whatever I want, like playing video games, watching Netflix all day long and starting some new hobbies like hiking. Well, those dreams came true in 2020 because of the global pandemic. So I started to think seriously: Is a long holiday really my hope for the New Year? Definitely not. You can truly enjoy a holiday only if you work very hard. If there is no work, there is no fun. So what are my hopes for 2021? For this endless holiday to end as soon as possible!

Li Cheung-yu, 17

If you could get the Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow, would you?

I hope everyone will be happy. I was in despair last year because so many unpleasant and unpredictable things happened. I believe things will be much better in 2021!

Angel Chan, 15

I would love to have dinner in a restaurant after 6pm this year! I really miss this. I haven’t had such a meal for more than a month, much like other people in Hong Kong. I hope I can have a delicious evening meal in a restaurant with my friends and family in 2021.

Huang Chak-hon, 18

I hope the pandemic will teach people to care more about others. I hope to be more be grateful for what I have, appreciate my family more and cherish the time spent with them.

Kitty Kei, 13

What I hope for the New Year is that everyone can be treated equally and for discrimination to come to an end. Plenty of people have been bullied or treated differently because of things like their appearance, race, and gender. However, a hateful attitude and destructive mindset will not make our world a better place. What we need is an open mind, universal acceptance and to understand what we have in common.

Rachel Ho, 14

Are ‘flights to nowhere’ a good or bad idea during the pandemic?

Having spent most of my time at home watching music videos in 2020, I started following lots of Korean and Chinese celebrities. I’m a huge fan of their dance skills. My idols motivate me to learn different types of dance, such as hip hop and jazz. In 2021, I hope to improve my skills and find pleasure in dance.

Audrey Yeung, 13

I want to learn more technological skills, such as how to use a 3D printer. My friend always invites me to their house to use theirs, and we make things together. It’s so cool, I want to learn how to do it on my own.

Brian Kwok, 11

I hope that people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic can find another job as soon as possible. Many people were laid off last year, even people who need to take care of their families. They have been suffering heavy financial burdens without a job. This year, I hope the Hong Kong government can support these unemployed members of society through ways such as reducing their rent and subsidising them until they can get a job.

Isaac Fok, 14

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Send your answers to [email protected] before midnight on Monday, January 4. Don’t forget to include “Talking Points” in the subject line, as well as your name, age and school.

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