Do you think Hong Kong’s first-ever lockdown was “worth it”?

  • The two-day blockade in Yau Tsim Mong was the first of its kind, and many wonder whether it was effective
  • Some say it was a waste of time and resources, while others believe the rate of Covid-19 infections made it necessary
Susan Ramsay |

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The city's first official lockdown in Yau Tsim Mong was considered rather controversial. Photo: SCMP / Robert Ng

No. Although residents could move around within the area, and the government provided them with necessities, they were shocked by the suddenness of the blockade. They were unable to stock up.

The government should prioritise closing our borders. In addition to local virus cases, Hong Kong is reporting infections among arrivals. We need to focus on stopping this first.
Michelle Tsang, 12

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The disadvantages of the lockdown outweigh the benefits. First of all, only 13 infections were found among 7,000 people who were tested. This seems like a small number for such a big operation.

What’s more, some people would have lost their income for two days. Most of them are poor and they need that money to get by.

I hope the government will help these affected residents.
Nicole Kwong, 15

The sudden lockdown affected people’s lives and many of them did not know what was happening. I support mandatory testing, but there should be better planning, so people don’t have to line up for food and drinks late at night and eat on the streets.

The lockdown was a waste of time and public resources.
Chan Yan-kit, 15

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I think it was a success. The virus situation was really bad in the Yau Tsim Mong area so the city’s first-ever lockdown was necessary. Some people tried to escape and were unhappy.

But other residents were happy to see the government stepping up the testing to identify potential cases in the community and stop the transmission chain.

However, I do believe the authorities could have handled it better. Residents could have been informed earlier so they could be better prepared. That might reduce the opposition to future lockdowns.
Crystal Chung, 17

Yes, definitely. Jordan is known for its old and subdivided flats, where many poor and elderly residents live. So the risk of community infection is very high.

We cannot afford to have multiple outbreaks in Hong Kong. The lockdown helped reduce the spread of the virus and raised people’s awareness of personal hygiene.
Lui Kai-lam, 15

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