If you had the chance to study overseas in the near future, would you take it?

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Where would you go if you went abroad to study?

Yes, certainly. Studying abroad means not only broadening my horizons but also meeting people from different cultures. The need to adapt to unfamiliar environments and have an open mind would give me a competitive edge and help me have a successful career and life.

Since people around the world are receiving coronavirus vaccinations, it will soon be safe to go abroad for your studies. What’s more, the pandemic has seen fewer students moving abroad to study, which means less competition and more opportunities for overseas students. So why not take maximum advantage of it?

Dylan Chen, 17

What’s the worst thing about teenagers today?

I have been very independent since I was very young, so studying abroad wouldn’t give me any problems. It would actually help me improve my language skills and gain new experiences.

I would also be able to learn about other cultures and enhance my knowledge of current affairs.

But the downside is that studying overseas would be very expensive and it would be sad to say goodbye to my family and friends.

The journey might be hard, but I’m confident that I would be able to overcome all the difficulties and achieve good educational qualifications.

Tammy Leung, 12

What do you want to know about the Covid vaccine?

Absolutely not. We have already lost so much study time during the pandemic. If I went overseas to study, I would need to spend a lot of time catching up with my academics while trying to adapt to a completely new environment. It would be an impossible challenge for me.

Andy Poon, 15

No. If I were to go abroad to study, I would have to leave my parents. I wouldn’t feel safe without them.

Also, there would be many different challenges to overcome, such as food, language and culture. I don’t think I could handle that.

Ken Liang Mingji, 16

Many people have changed their study abroad plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, since many lessons are still being held online.

Definitely. I would grab this opportunity with both hands. In Hong Kong, most students are very busy so their stress levels are very high. They don’t have enough time or space to relax.

Going abroad for my studies would mean less academic pressure while taking in more fresh air and exploring the world.

I really hope I’ll get this chance in the near future.

Thomas Yiu, 13

Yes, I would take it. There are many benefits of studying in an overseas school or university.

First, you can experience life in another country where people’s customs and traditions are different to those in your homeland.

Second, foreign schools provide students with opportunities to learn in different ways.

Third, you would be able to learn a new language which would give you a big advantage in the job market.

I think studying abroad, if possible, is a no-brainer.

Bianca Wong, 13

Is it true teenage boys don’t like to read?

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