Should we rely on air conditioning to stay cool in the summer?

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  • This week, students discuss whether we should use the AC to cool ourselves down, or whether it contributes too much to global warming
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How much should we rely on our air conditioners this summer?

Yes, we should. Air conditioning was invented to help us stay cool. If you are worried about environmental problems, you can keep the temperature above 26 degrees Celsius or buy an air-con with a green label.
Cheung Hing-yin, 15

It is an indisputable fact that human beings develop technology to make their lives better. There are regions around the world where the temperature is so high or so low that, without air conditioning, people living there would feel really uncomfortable. Although relying on air conditioning can have a negative impact on climate change, it does improve our quality of life, so it’s worth it.
Paco Chan, 15

Does it bother you when someone calls you kid?

No, I don’t think so. Air conditioners consume large amounts of electricity and contribute to global warming. If we don’t protect Earth, we would need to find another planet to live on.
Noki Wong, 16

Although it is not eco-friendly, we definitely need to turn on the air conditioner in summer. I am a first-year IB student and have to study even during the holidays to prepare for the next academic year. The weather is so hot now I would not be able to do it without air conditioning. I have no choice – it is a necessity.
Teresa Kwok, 16

Should women be allowed to walk around topless in the heat?

No. I agree that proper use of air conditioning can improve work efficiency. However, we should not keep the air-con switched on all the time. Constant exposure to such conditions could weaken our ability to adapt to changes in the weather.

Looking around, it is not difficult to see people, including teens, walking around with mini handheld fans. We students are too accustomed to a cool and comfortable environment. It looks like we can’t survive if there is no air-conditioning. We need to change that.
Benden Chen Yan-bin, 16

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t get caught?

It is very hot and humid in Hong Kong now. There are two ways to cope with the sizzling heat: air conditioning and swimming. However, we can’t stay in the water all day. So we should stay cool by using the air conditioners in our homes.
Teresa Chai, 15

Yes. The heat makes people grumpy, and if we stay in a hot place for a long period of time, we are vulnerable to heatstroke. A cool and comfortable environment is conducive to work or studies. If I stay in a cool environment, I will concentrate more on my exams and perform better. An air-conditioned environment can also improve sleep quality.
Tommy Tam Yuk Yuen, 17

What would life be like if there was no pain?

No. The use of air-conditioning will aggravate global warming. The greenhouse gases air conditioners emit raise temperatures, which then melt the ice and cause polar bears to lose their habitats. We all know that if global warming gets worse, humans will one day lose the Earth. There’s a saying, “burn calories, not electricity’.
Patrick Chan Bo Yao, 17

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