Show off photo prompt: What a strange looking dog!

  • Think you can write a funny photo caption? Each week, we present to you one photo, and it’s up to you to submit a wacky description of about 15 words
  • This week, we ask you to caption a photo of a woman and her unusual pets
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What would you caption this pic? Photo: SCMP/ Sam Tsang

What are the creatures in the photo? What are they doing? What is the woman in the photo doing with them?

Think you can write a funny caption? Send us your most creative ideas (15 words max.) by filling out this form or emailing [email protected] by November 3 at 11.59pm. We’ll publish the best captions next week.

Best captions from last week’s contest

A boy plays with a mummy figurine along the Harbourfront Promenade in Admiralty. It is part of a Halloween installation that has been constructed in the city ahead of the holiday. Photo: Winson Wong

Isaac Lee Kwan-cheuk, 12: The boy: Should we say hello ‘wind’ or Halloween?

Alyssa Li Yin-le, 12: What are you looking at? I’m just dancing with mummy!

Cara Ma Hoi-kiu, 11: The little boy ran out of toilet paper so he needs to take him home.

Vivian Chan Hoi-ching, 13: A stain on your costume? No worries. I’ll cover it with my shoe!

Evelyn Chan Tsz-fei, 11: Yes mummy, I’ll take a photo with you!

Madison Fung, 12: My friend here seems to be in need of a doctor.

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