Top 10: What is the funniest thing that happened in your childhood?

  • Last week, we asked our readers what was their funniest childhood memory
  • From eating toothpaste to mistaking someone as their mum, these are their unforgettable childhood memories
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Who didn’t turn themselves into a work of art as a child? Photo: Shutterstock

Last week, we asked our readers: What is the funniest thing that happened in your childhood?

This week’s question: What is your life motto, and why?

To take part, drop us a line via this form or email us at [email protected] by 11.59pm on December 1. Tell us your name, age and school.

When I was five years old, I, for some odd reason, always mixed up 1 with 7. One day, our teacher asked us to complete “1” book report during the summer holidays. You are right! I did 7 instead! I was really tired after working day and night. I kept blaming the teacher, but it was all my fault.

However, there was a happy ending. The teacher appreciated my hard work and decided to make me the class monitor!
Tsang Chung-ming, 14, St Mark’s Secondary School

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A funny and most embarrassing thing happened when I was around three years old. My father asked me to join a long queue so that I could win HK$100. Out of curiosity, I agreed. But things became a little weird. People kept staring at me like I’m a freak.

When I finally reached the end of the line, I realised that I was inside a female toilet! It was the first time I felt so embarrassed in my life. My father still thinks it’s funny, me not so much.
Owen Chan Ho-yeung, 13, Sha Tin Methodist College

It all happened when I was four. One day, I was watching TV while my mum dozed off on the sofa. Suddenly an advertisement caught my eye. It said: “LSL toothpaste, eat it if you want to.” I was fascinated. An edible toothpaste! I thought I must try it.

The next day, my mum took me to the supermarket, and I talked her into buying that toothpaste. Once I got home. I grabbed it and ran straight to the toilet. I ate half the tube. Mum found out and asked, “Do you know what you did, my boy? Does it taste good?” I was speechless. We laugh a lot every time we talk about it.
Daris Chan Ka-wing, 12, CCC Heep Woh College

The toothpaste says it all. Photo: Shutterstock

Thinking of a million ways to meet Santa Claus. Every Christmas, I received gifts from Santa and I was really curious about how he came into my house.

I thought of putting sand on the floor to trace his footprints, and tried staying up late and peeking through the door gap to catch Father Christmas. My curiosity about Santa brought out the creative (and stupid) side of me.
Audrey Yeung, 14, Christian Alliance International School

Probably trying to hatch eggs. When I was a kid, I wanted to hatch eggs like chickens do. So I slept with an egg in my hands for several days. I didn’t dare move, thinking that the egg will break.

I was very excited and looking forward to seeing it hatch one day. But nothing happened despite my wholehearted effort. I was heartbroken at the time, but when I think about it now, I consider it the funniest thing I ever did.
Zeng Man-long, 15, NTHYK Tai Po District Secondary School

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Back in the days when I was learning to paint, I was obsessed with colours. Every time I used red and yellow paint, I thought I smelled strawberries and lemon gummy bears out of nowhere.

It’s hard to describe how appetising it was. So one day I “ate” the paint. It was the first and last time I did that. I am sure all paint must taste the same!
Heidi Wan Yu-yin, 14, CNEC Christian College

When I was in kindergarten, I drew on my face with a marker pen. I remember I cried a lot because my parents couldn’t remove the colours from my face for almost a week. My classmates laughed at me. It was a funny – and scary – experience.
Daniel Lam King-fui, 14, Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School

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Our primary school maths teacher asked one of my classmates to tackle a question. She said it was very easy. My classmate gave the correct answer but she said it was wrong.

We persuaded the teacher to make the calculation on her mobile phone and then she found out that she had made a mistake. My classmates and I laughed. It was very funny.
Coco Chan Tsz-yan, 14, CNEC Christian College

​​When I was small, I thought teachers didn’t have mothers.

During an English lesson in Primary One, my teacher was talking about her family and I was shocked that she had a mother. I asked her: “You have a mum?!” Ironically, the class didn’t laugh. They, too, seemed surprised that the teacher had a mum. The teacher laughed and said: “Of course, I have a mum! You think I was born on a rock?”

Thinking back, I really miss the days when I was a pure and innocent child, asking dumb questions, and bringing joy and laughter to my older self. I hope my teacher still remembers this hilarious incident.
Yolanda Xiao Yu-ching, 13, St Paul’s Co-Educational College

We know it’s strange to learn but teachers are people, too. Photo: Shutterstock

I mistook someone else for my mum at Disneyland. There was a lady who wore the same shirt and pants as my mum so I ended up following her. It took me a while to realise that it wasn’t my mum. Then I started running around looking for her. Finally, I gave her a call and we were reunited.
Ardales Jennica, 13, Ho Yu College and Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)

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