Young Post’s Best of the Month Awards -December 2021

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  • Here are our favourite entries from the final month of 2021
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Congratulations to all our December winners! Photo: Shutterstock

December is usually considered a “slow” month in the newsroom: with students going on holiday for Christmas, we thought we would receive less letters from our readers. We were wrong! We’ve received so many outstanding submissions from our readers and here are those that we love the most:

Best Letter

Congratulations to Althea Chan from the Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College for winning Best Letter with her letter on why Hong Kong must protect its heritage.

Best Face Off

Isaac Leung and Kim Szeto, both from HKFYG Lee Shau Kee College, are the clear winners in this category. Their articles stood out because of the persuasive language adopted and the use of facts to back up their arguments.

Most Creative

We asked our readers earlier: What was the best gift you have ever received? For Carol Lu Jiahui, from the NTHYK Tai Po District Secondary School, it’s herself. You deserve this award, Carol.

Most Engaged School

In December, we received almost 100 submissions from students of the Pope Paul VI College for our Top 10, Show Off, and Your Voice pages, many of them got published. Keep your submissions coming!

Winners will each receive a certificate and a special YP notebook to encourage them in their writing journeys. We will be in touch with them.

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