Top 10: What is a secret you kept from your parents?

  • From their dream job to six ear piercings, here are the secrets that our readers keep from their loved ones
  • This week’s question: What is the most surprising or unique name you have ever heard?
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What secrets are you keeping from your parents? Photo: Shutterstock

This week’s question: What is the most surprising / unique name you have ever heard?

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Last week, we asked our readers, What is a secret you kept from your parents?” Here’s what they had to say.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard recently?

I hid my dreams from my parents. Since I was a child, I’ve wanted to become a painter. But given my family’s situation and the fact that artists can’t make much money, I decided to give up my dream. Whenever my parents ask me what my dream is, I say: “A job that will allow me to earn enough money to support our family.”

Goldi Shum Tin-ching, 13, HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College

I never told my parents that I used to feel left out because they cared about my younger brother more than me when I was in primary school.

Since my brother was born, I felt like my parents gave all their love to him and didn’t love me as much as they did before.

But growing up, I’ve become more mature and realise that my parents have always been by my side and their love for me is unconditional.

Joyce Li Xiaoying, 18, Lai King Catholic Secondary School

Everyone has secrets; it’s totally normal! Photo: Shutterstock

I have saved HK$10,000 so far. My parents would be shocked if they knew that. I am very careful with my lunch money, and I budget my expenses. I try to save at least HK$30 every day.

I would love to use the money to go on a working holiday in the future.

Alex Cheung Kai-leong, 15, CCC Heep Woh College

I have never told my parents that I am a YouTuber. More than 200 fans subscribe to my channel. Most of them are teenagers.

They love listening to my tips on clothes, hairstyles and video game strategies.

I can’t imagine what will happen if they find out. I hope to be a YouTuber for as long as I can.

Elaine Lu Yuen-sin, 12, CCC Heep Woh College

The weird habits we’ve developed during Covid

Sorry, Mum, I lied to you. I should have told you that your cooking is not very good, and I don’t really like the clothes you buy for me. Sorry for wasting your money and time. But I think I should let you know and give you more advice from now on.

Tina Zhang Yuk-ting, 15, Fung Kai No 1 Secondary School

I would never tell my dad that I am good at drawing and that I am a part-time illustrator online. I am afraid that he would take away my money so I’ve kept it a secret from him. But luckily my mum is okay with it.

Cecilia Fung Sze-yeung, 14, Christ College

This is a pretty cool secret to have, tbf. Photo: Shutterstock

I sometimes don’t reveal my real feelings. When my parents ask me, “Do you feel stressed or face any difficulties in your studies?”, I always tell them not to worry about me and that I am all right.

My parents work very hard, so I keep this secret from them.

Yanus Kwan Lok-yan, 15, Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School

I’ve been really sad, but I’ve kept my feelings from my parents since my beloved cat died last week.

I don’t want my parents to worry about me because they are already dealing with a lot of problems amid the pandemic. I don’t want to be an extra burden to them.

Natalie Chu, 12, St Mary’s Cannosian College

The first things our readers will do when they turn 18

I’ve got six ear piercings. I think they are cool, but my parents disagree. They think the practice is a form of rebellion and is bad for my health.

In secondary school, I had six ear piercings without their permission because I was afraid that they would scold me.

I have decided not to tell them until they see the piercings themselves.

Lynette Pang Wing-yiu, 15, Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School

There’s a secret my parents will never know: I once raised a puppy outside our home.

I came across the weak, newborn animal on the roadside after school and secretly raised it with my friends in a corner in a park.

Her home was made out of cardboard boxes. I would visit the animal after school and give her some meat and snacks.

I would save up my lai see money to buy toys for the puppy.

I hope to raise another puppy one day when I have my own home.

Tsang Wai-ting, 15, NTHYK Tai Po District Secondary School

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