Snack for the Soul, Episode 4: Our host shares what she’s learned about anxiety during the pandemic

  • Our podcast offers a glimpse into the lives of young people in Hong Kong during the pandemic as they discuss something they have learned
  • This week, a student discusses her experiences dealing with stress and mental health while she, like most other pupils in the city, has been stuck at home
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Rhea Saxena from King George V School shares about how she overcame anxiety during the pandemic and what she has learned from it.

This bite-sized Friday podcast features a different Hong Kong student every episode. Each session offers a glimpse into their lives during the pandemic, as they share about something new they have learned.

This week, Rhea Saxena from King George V School talks about her anxiety during the pandemic and how she has dealt with cabin fever.

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During the school suspension period, we are offering a podcast for our readers, called Snack for the Soul. When you tune in, you can close your eyes for a few minutes and hear about how other students in the city are coping in such difficult times.

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