Snack for the Soul, Episode 5: Our host shares what he’s learned about health from his family’s Covid-19 experience

  • Our podcast offers a glimpse into the lives of young people in Hong Kong during the pandemic as they discuss something they have learned
  • This week, a student discusses the challenges he faced after his family tested positive for Covid-19, and the important life lessons he has learned
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Vijay Narayanan from Island School shares how he decided to take charge of his health after his family tested positive for coronavirus.

This bite-sized Friday podcast features a different Hong Kong student every episode. Each session offers a glimpse into their lives during the pandemic, as they share about something new they have learned.

This week, Vijay Narayanan, a Year Nine student from Island School talks about the important life lessons he has learned after his family contracted the coronavirus.

Check out our previous episode on lessons learned about dealing with stress and mental health

During the school suspension period, we are offering a podcast for our readers, called Snack for the Soul. When you tune in, you can close your eyes for a few minutes and hear about how other students in the city are coping in such difficult times.

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