Snack for the Soul, Episode 8: Our host shares how picking up pandemic pasttimes can improve our mental health

  • Our bite-sized podcast offers a glimpse into the lives of young people in Hong Kong during the pandemic as they discuss something they have learned
  • This week, a student talks about how she keeps herself occupied whilst the city was put under city social-distancing rules
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Valerie Chiu from Holy Angels Canossian School shares how her quarantine hobbies have given her the chance to pursue meaningful activities

During the school suspension period, we are offering a podcast for our readers, called Snack for the Soul. When you tune in, you can close your eyes for a few minutes and hear about how other students in the city are coping in such difficult times.

This week, we’ve come to the last episode of our Friday podcast. Our host, Valerie Chiu a Primary Six student from Holy Angels Canossian School shares her love for podcasts and books and how she treats the pandemic as a time to widen her perspectives.

Check out our previous episode on the power of songs in difficult times

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