Top 10: What little things in daily life have made you happy recently?

  • Our readers discuss the little joys in life, such as finally meeting friends in person and finding a wallet they had lost on the bus
  • This week’s question: What is your way to beat the summer heat?
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After having to practise social distancing during the pandemic, some readers share they are grateful every time they see their friends. Illustration: Shutterstock

This week’s question: What is your way to beat the summer heat?

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Last week, we asked our readers, “What little things in daily life have made you happy recently?” Here’s what they had to say.

Emmy Mirabella Woo, 17 Crofton House School (Canada): With no destination in mind, my mum often takes us out for late-night drives around Vancouver. Sometimes we stop for ice cream; sometimes we enjoy the sunset at English Bay together. But one thing’s for sure; the journey always ends at home – where family is.

Fion Chow Wing-lam, 14, STFA Leung Kau Kui College: I can meet my classmates and teachers physically at school, not online. Face-to-face lessons are so precious for me. Last year, we could only chat with each other using WhatsApp, Instagram or Zoom, but now we can go to Disneyland, Ocean Park or country parks together. The pandemic has made me appreciate my friends and family more.

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Vijay Narayanan, 13, Island School: Recently, my family bought a small canvas chair and it’s become my favourite piece of furniture. I like to sit in the chair curled up with a good book, or relax outside with the sun on my face. Sometimes I would drink something or eat a snack while I read. It’s a small pleasure, but definitely one that is very enjoyable!

Sumina Choi Shu-nam, 14, King Ling College: I adopted a baby turtle recently. I think taking care of it would be a good way to keep myself occupied during the short summer holiday. Every morning, it makes me happy to see the turtle sleeping on a rock in its “indoor habitat”.

Taking care of a pet can be so fulfilling and heartwarming. Photo: Shutterstock

Anson Ng Wai-yan, 11, Holy Angels Canossian School: Recently, I dropped my Octopus card on the bus but luckily a kind passenger returned it to me. I am very grateful to that person; without the card, I wouldn’t have been able to buy any food and I would have had to starve the whole day. After the incident, I became more passionate about helping people around me, such as being a “big sister” to students in lower forms. I have more friends now and enjoy helping others.

Chloe Chan Lok-yi, 16, Tak Nga Secondary School: I was tidying my room recently when I found some money in a pocket of a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn for a long time. I still haven’t decided how I should spend it. It shows that life is full of surprises.

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Janis Poon Ming-yan, 16, Ying Wa Girls’ School: Having a deep conversation with a group of friends face-to-face or individually online makes my day. Perhaps I’m partly being nosy, but I do enjoy sharing my experiences with others. While I like to spend time alone, chatting with others makes me feel that I am an important part of their lives.

Valerie Chiu Wing-yee, 12, Holy Angels Canossian School: Recently, I saw some wild flowers growing between some bricks and this trivial discovery made me very happy. It made me realise that I should face all challenges boldly and be optimistic about life.

Flowers can sprout from the most unexpected places. Photo: Shutterstock

Holly Wei, 15, Kent School CT (US): Reading. I really don’t know why but finishing a good book always makes me very happy. Reading helps us better understand and interact with others in the real world. Also, reading a novel while lying on a comfy bed helps me appreciate the little things in life.

Mirko Kwok Ching, 14, King Ling College: Hanging out with my best friends. Since we are all so busy, it warms my heart to know that my friends would sacrifice their spare time to meet me. Even a WhatsApp message from them would be enough to cheer me up.

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