Snack for the Soul podcast: How has the pandemic changed the way we go back to school?

  • The first host during this school year is a Form Six pupil with a podcast about mental well-being, and she discusses how it feels to return for her last year of secondary school
  • Every Friday, we are dropping new episodes with Hong Kong student hosts who will tackle a new theme each month
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This month’s episodes are about going back to school through the eyes of someone who will soon be taking the university entrance exams, a pupil who is just starting secondary school, a first-year university student, and a teen studying overseas in Canada. Photo: SCMP

In this week’s episode of Snack for the Soul, Ling, a Hong Kong student who hosts a mental well-being podcast called Leave Your Worries, shares her thoughts on preparing for the Diploma of Secondary Education exams and wanting to make the most of her final year in secondary school.

“The moments of running to school in the morning, eating undercooked, rock-hard Indomie noodles from the tuck shop during recess, gossiping with friends, and joining various school activities are becoming all too precious,” said the Form Six student about the years of in-person learning that she lost to the coronavirus pandemic.

In February, the 16-year-old started her podcast to discuss problems she and her peers faced: friendships drifting apart as families emigrate from Hong Kong, the struggle between pursuing a career for stability or passion, and dealing with a general sense of apathy towards life.

In the new school year, Ling is tasked with preparing for her university entrance exams. Her goal is to study psychology in university, and she aspires to make therapy affordable for young people in need. In the meantime, the teen has realised her years in secondary school are slipping away. Besides prioritising her studies, she hopes to create more memories at school to make up for time lost amid the pandemic.

With Snack for the Soul, we encourage you to give your eyes a break from the screens and tune in to hear the stories, reflections and opinions of our student hosts.

If you are a secondary school student based in Hong Kong and would like to be a host for our podcast, please fill out the application form here.

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