Snack for the Soul Podcast: New school, new friends: How can we connect at university during Covid?

  • In this week’s episode of Young Post’s Snack for the Soul podcast, one pupil talks about the first few weeks of university, making new friends, and following her passion
  • Every Friday, we are dropping new episodes with Hong Kong student hosts who will tackle a new theme each month
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This month’s episodes are about going back to school through the eyes of someone who will soon be taking the university entrance exams, a pupil who is just starting secondary school, a first-year university student, and a teen studying overseas in Canada. Photo: SCMP

In this week’s episode of Snack for the Soul, Janice Mook Ching-lam, a first-year student studying information systems at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, shares her thoughts on transitioning from secondary school to university and making new connections on campus as part of her self-discovery journey.

“I think the whole point of university is meeting new people. However, every day, I find myself wondering: who should I connect with on a deeper level? Who could be my lifelong bestie?” she asked.

Tune into the episode to hear more of what Mook had to say about meeting new friends at university while maintaining old friendships.

For the 18-year-old, studying at university allows her to pursue her passion.

Although her secondary school, Diocesan Girls’ School, was a competitive learning environment, it still provided her with ample opportunities to try new things, allowing her to find her ideal undergraduate programme. After discovering her interest in tech-related subjects, Mook joined her school’s programming team and blockchain club.

Exploring your passion can be daunting, our student host noted, but you shouldn’t choose a university major or programme blindly. She suggested students go beyond their comfort zones during secondary school and work towards their goals at university. And of course, don’t forget to make new friends.

With Snack for the Soul, available on your favourite podcast platform, we encourage you to give your eyes a break from screens and tune in to hear the stories, reflections, and opinions of our student hosts.

If you are a secondary school student based in Hong Kong and would like to be a host for our podcast, please fill out the application form here.

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