Snack for the Soul podcast, Episode 9: Inspiring Hong Kong youth to serve society’s most vulnerable with empathy

  • Clarisse Poon, a student at St Paul’s Co-educational College, shares how the pandemic opened her eyes to the plight of the needy in society
  • With new episodes every Friday, this podcast features Hong Kong student hosts who tackle a new theme each month
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Snack for the Soul’s theme this month is about young entrepreneurship. This week we’re speaking with one student who founded an organisation to help the needy in Hong Kong. Photo: Handout

Snack for the Soul’s theme this month is young entrepreneurship, so we’re talking to four students about why it’s important for youth to be part of making Hong Kong a better place to live.

In this week’s episode, Clarisse Poon shares her experiences founding a student-led organisation called Light Their Rights HK, which inspires Hong Kong youth to serve those in need, such as the homeless, with empathy.

“I was brought up in a happy family, where I had good opportunities to learn and develop my hobbies, and to be honest, I was blind to the plight of the needy until the pandemic. Covid opened my eyes to the vulnerable side of society,” said the 13-year-old student from St Paul’s Co-educational College.

Tune into the episode to hear more of what Clarisse has to say about being a young entrepreneur in her home city.

With Snack for the Soul, available on all of your favourite podcast platforms, we encourage you to give your eyes a break from the screens and tune in to hear the stories, reflections and opinions of our student hosts.

If you are a secondary school student based in Hong Kong and would like to be a host for our podcast, please fill out the application form here.

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