Snack for the Soul podcast, Episode 10: How bread inspired one young Hongkonger to serve and be socially aware

  • Valerie Shek, a student at the Independent Schools Foundation Academy, shares how a bread run inspired her to one day start her own community initiative
  • With new episodes every Friday, this podcast features Hong Kong student hosts who tackle a new theme each month
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Snack for the Soul’s theme this month is about young entrepreneurship. This week we’re speaking with one student who was inspired by a local bread run to help those in need in Hong Kong. Photo: Handout

Snack for the Soul’s theme this month is young entrepreneurship, so we’re talking to four students about why it’s important for youth to be part of making Hong Kong a better place to live.

In this week’s episode, Valerie Shek shares her experiences participating in a bread run initiated by a group of residents from Yuen Long and Ap Lei Chau, which has inspired her to one day start her own initiative serving those in need in society.

“It made me realise, as a Hong Kong student, it is important to be socially aware and assist those in need. It is also our duty to help reduce food waste [and] to create a sustainable lifestyle,” said the Grade 7 student at the Independent Schools Foundation Academy.

Tune into the episode to hear more of what Valerie had to say about how a small act can have such a profound impact on society.

With Snack for the Soul, available on all of your favourite podcast platforms, we encourage you to give your eyes a break from the screens and tune in to hear the stories, reflections and opinions of our student hosts.

If you are a secondary school student based in Hong Kong and would like to be a host for our podcast, please fill out the application form here.

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