Top 10: What’s your strangest hidden talent?

  • Students share their quirky secret skills, from remembering all their dreams to guessing the prices of goods at the wet market
  • This week’s question: What’s the best thing you ever purchased in a convenience store?
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We know at least a few of you are secret rock stars. Photo: Shutterstock

This week’s question: What’s the best thing you ever purchased in a convenience store?

To take part, drop us a line via this form or email us at [email protected] by 11.59pm on February 1. Tell us your name, age and school.

Sofia Cheng Sum-wing, 15, St Joan of Arc Secondary School: I get along very well with animals; it’s as if I can talk to them. When I go to a zoo, I “talk” to the penguins and pandas with my eyes and they will follow my instructions and “dance”. Because of this talent, I love going to animal cafes and “talking” with cats, dogs, hamsters and other pets. Pet owners ask me how I mingle with the animals so easily. I hope I can become an animal trainer one day.

Clara Ho Tin-yan, 17, St Joan of Arc Secondary School: I can remember all my dreams clearly after I wake up. This is a fantastic skill because I can share them with my friends and they will be amazed. Sometimes, those dreams can give me inspiration to do my homework. However, you would hate that talent if you had a nightmare. I would rather forget dreams that bring tears to my face.

How often do you remember your dreams? Photo: Shutterstock

Ng Chun-chai, 16, Fung Kai No 1 Secondary School: I am really good at making origami paper planes. When I was in elementary school, I knew how to fold the planes and they would stay in the air for a very long time. When I was in primary school, I won a paper plane contest after my creation flew further than any of the others.

Henry Xie Yuheng, 18, Ma On Shan Tsung Tsin Secondary School: I can remember trivial matters. When chatting with my friends, I always remind them of the little things that everyone has forgotten and they are very surprised. They are also very curious that I can remember all those little details. For example, I even remember what happened on the first day of our secondary school. My friends often make fun of me, saying: “Why don’t you have such a good memory in your studies?”

What is the last thing that made you cry tears of happiness?

Bryan Wai, 12, Immaculate Heart of Mary College: I always win hide-and-seek games. People always say that I am good at hiding because they can’t find me. Besides, I am a great runner so the others can’t catch me. That makes me a winner in any hide-and-seek game.

Matthew Li Tsun-kiu, 12, Christian Alliance SC Chan Memorial College: I can guess the prices of groceries. One day, I went to the wet market with my grandma who bought two tomatoes. I told her that it would cost HK$15 and I was right. I was shocked. From that day, I’ve felt like I have this talent.

Quick! Guess the price of this grocery haul! Photo: Shutterstock

Cheryl Ying Cheuk-kiu , 13, Immaculate Heart of Mary College: After my performance in the school talent show, I’ve noticed that I have a talent for acting and can make different sounds and speak different languages. I can imitate around 25 sounds, including the suona (a traditional Chinese musical instrument) and anime characters such as cats and wolves. Moreover, I can speak different Chinese dialects by listening to the audio just once. With this talent, I can entertain my classmates, friends, and family members. It may be helpful for my future career, too, such as a voice actor or comedian.

Amanda Lau, 17, Jockey Club Ti-I College: I can move my ears. Every time I do it, people are so surprised that they want to learn the “secret”. Well, I first discovered this strange talent when I yawned. Then I trained the muscles around my ears by opening my mouth really wide. And that’s how I learned to move my ears. It’s a useless – but fun – talent to have and I would “show off” whenever I’m bored.

Who is an unsung hero in your neighbourhood?

Yanie Li Yan-yin, 11, Evangel College: I can curl my tongue into a flower. I found I could do it a few months ago, and it was very strange. Once, I saw my friend do it and I started practising. You can’t find that talent even on YouTube, which is saying something. So try to find it and prove me wrong!

Winkie Tam Tsz-yiu, 10, Holy Angels Canossian School: I can smell anything from far away. When I was nine years old, I smelt something burning and I looked out of the window and saw a tree next to our building was on fire. It was a tiny spark but a man who was standing nearby put it out.

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