Top 10: Which electronic device best describes you?

  • Our readers share the electronics that describe them best, from a helpful flashlight to a blender that can quickly mix with others
  • This week’s question: What is something people wouldn’t believe about you?
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We wouldn’t want to be an alarm clock; most people aren’t happy to hear it! Photo: Shutterstock

This week’s question: What is something people wouldn’t believe about you?

To take part, drop us a line via this form or email us at [email protected] by 11.59pm on April 5. Tell us your name, age and school.

Zoe Ng Pui-yin, 14, Diocesan Girls’ School: Much like a flashlight that illuminates the darkness, I enjoy helping others around me and lighting up their lives with positivity. However, just as a flashlight runs out of battery easily, I too can tire quickly and need to recharge. Nevertheless, even though I may feel like I am running low on energy, I know I can always bounce back and shine brighter than before.

Dominic Shiu Cheuk-fung, 12, St Joan of Arc Secondary School: Just like a blender, I can adapt to a new environment quickly and blend in well with different types of people. When I am around, I can motivate my classmates to cooperate with each other to achieve a goal. There are many non-Chinese speaking students in my class, and they come from different countries. But I get along well with everyone.

And I can be used to make delicious smoothies! Photo: Shutterstock

Wan How-him, 13, CCC Kung Lee College: I am a mobile phone. Although I am the smallest member of my family, I am the most handy and “portable” companion that never bores you. But people might lose me – like you lose mobile phones – if they do not take care of me. And, as a supportive friend, I will look deeply into your daily routines and interests and surf the internet regularly.

Yang Chun-yat, 16, TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College: As a student arriving at school at 8am, leaving at 4pm, finishing my homework four hours later and sleeping at 12am, I am like a calculator executing a program. We both receive commands and hope to finish our tasks. Also, my emotions are becoming robotic because we both repeat tasks every day. But the main difference between a calculator and me is that the former doesn’t make mistakes.

Much like a calculator, I too am “low battery”. Photo: Shutterstock

Kitty Szeto Yi, 16, Fanling Lutheran Secondary School: I think headphones best describe me. Usually, I chat with you, and we can talk about various topics. But when you need to calm down, I will try my best to let you have a quiet environment, just like headphones that “cancel” outside noise. I also have a beautiful singing voice, which can easily be transmitted, like headphones do.

Joey Wu Jia-man, 15, Buddhist Tai Hung College: It has got to be the iPad because it stores notes on different topics. I have to do much the same thing before an exam. Also, the iPad can “die” all of a sudden, after even being fully charged, just like me when I am at school. I am full of energy and motivated when I arrive in the morning. However, towards the end of lessons, I feel like an iPad without electricity – I am tired and don’t want to do anything

What is the oldest piece of technology that your family still uses?

Stanley Lau Tsun-sing, 15, Pui Kiu College: A smartphone can be used for a variety of things, from simple functions such as making phone calls and texting to installing apps that allows users to perform specific tasks, like gaming. A smartphone mirrors my multitasking skills, such as completing homework while chatting with friends and playing games while listening to music. A smartphone is also used to connect with people through social media, just like how I am connected to many relatives and friends in real life.

Ronan Cristian Zuniga, 13, Ho Yu College and Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen): I am an alarm clock because I am very talkative and can be loud and obnoxious at times. But I can also be very useful, for example, waking people who fall asleep during class.

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Sandy Wong Yuk Sin, 13, Christian Alliance SC Chan Memorial College: An air conditioner can bring people a sense of relief, like me when I comfort my friends when they feel upset. People need air conditioners no matter whether it is summer or winter. In a similar vein, I hope I can always help people in need.

Willis Chan, 12, King Ling College: Digital camera. One day, my mum and I were waiting at a bus stop. The bus was about 200 metres away and my mum couldn’t see its route number, but I could. My mum thinks I can zoom my eyes like a digital camera does, so she calls me “digital camera”.

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