War Horse competition entry by Sharlene Tsoi

By Sharlene Tsoi, 14, Marymount Secondary School

We asked our readers to write a review of a film or book about a meaningful relationship between a pet and its owner. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

By Sharlene Tsoi, 14, Marymount Secondary School |

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Did you all have or have had a pet? If yes,did you experience a meaningful relationship with your pet? I believe yes! For me, I didn’t get a pet before, but I wanted to have one so badly,especially a dog! I always imagine that everyday when I woke up and my dog waving his or her tail like saying good morning to me, when I finished school and come home and opened the door, seeing my doggie standing up and smiling to me just like welcoming me back home. This relationship will be amazing just like the book that I am going to introduce.

Lassie Come Home is a book written by Eric Knight in 1940, and later being translated into different languages and editions. It a briefly about a boy named Joe from a low-income family had a collie named Lassie, he was loyal and loved Joe so much. They played happily every day, but one day when Joe came home after school , Lassie has already been sold by his father for money. When Joe is so sad, he suddenly saw Lassie was waiting for him at the school gate. And this process repeated and repeated , his father sold him further and further, but Lassie was able to come home to find Joe. Lassie and Joe’s relationship makes me touched. Even though Lassie was sold in 4000 miles from Joe’s family, he still insisted to find Joe back. They both got a meaningful time with each other although their parents told Joe that they should sell Lassie to reduce expenditure and for money.

This story makes me reflect that maybe some people didn’t treat dogs well, think that they didn’t have independent thinking, but dogs are smarting than human in some ways. So, we should treat them to be one of our family once we decided to take care until their last day of life. I really like their relationship between Lassie and Joe is that Lassie were being sold again and again, Lassie wasn’t mad at them and gave up to find them back. This story fully presented how loyal and warm-hearted a dog was and the how good their relationship were.

I hoped that I could have a meaningful relationship with a dog one day. I really loved this book so much, and I recommend to all of you especially who got a pet and loved animals.