War Horse competition entry by Ng Hiu-man

By Ng Hiu-man, 13, Sha Tin College

We asked our readers to write a review of a film or book about a meaningful relationship between a pet and its owner. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

By Ng Hiu-man, 13, Sha Tin College |

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Recently I picked up a fantasy book from my school’s library, it’s called Dragon Daughter by Liz Flanagan. The protagonist of this story is a plain servant girl, at least that’s what everyone believes, including herself.

This story is set on the island of Arcosi. Milla, the protagonist finds herself in a bit of a situation when she witnessed a murder of a man, who died protecting a bag. Normally, you would expect someone to be in shock and be horrified by such a scene, especially from a child. But Milla quickly got over it, when she discovers what is in the man’s bag.

Four dragon eggs.

Now in this story, Arcosi was once filled with dragons and their riders, but once, the lord of this island grew obsessed with his dragon, became selfish, would do anything for his dragon. Even selling his people to slavery. Almost everyone believes the dragons died out, or even completely a myth.

So, when Milla found those four dragon eggs, she didn’t quite believe it at first, but she grew fond of them. Another thing you should know is that the current lord of Arcosi is quite like his ancestor, selfish and cruel. When this lord discovers those four eggs, and has them in his possession, he is determined to claim at least one of them. But luckily, a stranger that arrived on Arcosi forewarned Milla that if these newly hatched dragons don’t find a rider to claim soon, they will die on the day they are born.

Milla, with a new-found confidence, went to the palace, and felt the bond snap in place between one of the hatchlings and her. Her friends, whom are also present at the palace, discovers the bond they have with the other three dragons, much to the duke’s dismay. Milla’s bond with her dragon, Iggie (short for Ignato) grows every day.  

This book is in short, AMAZING. It’s fascinating to see what people think of mythical creatures that don’t exist (I’ll keep on hoping that they do), this is one of the reasons why I love fantasy books so much, you aren’t reading about everyday objects and such, you’re in a whole new world from the author’s imagination, hence why I fell in love with this book along with many other books. The bond between Milla and Iggie reminds me of a interactions between best friends. They make fun of each other, trust each other, and are willing to do anything to be by each other’s sides. It’s not quite as simple as how a dog is loyal to a person that it trusts, yet not as complex as a human relationship.

Apart from the bond of Milla and Iggie, the storyline which I briefly outlined above also captures you into this book. I will try not to spoil anything and ruin it for anyone, but the components in this book, their unwavering friendship, the thrilling adventures and emotional roller-coaster… Truly makes you want to just go out, witness a man being murdered and discover four dragon eggs. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a heart of an adventurer who wishes to explore a new world of angry dukes, an island who’s people are divided in half, four friends and their four dragons to tag along on this journey.

WARNING: This book does not have a sequel, be prepared for a one book journey and no further than that.