War Horse competition entry by Cheung Lap-ching

By Cheung Lap-ching, 14, Marymount Secondary School

We asked our readers to write a review of a film or book about a meaningful relationship between a pet and its owner. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

By Cheung Lap-ching, 14, Marymount Secondary School |

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“My purpose, my whole life, had been to love him and be with him, to make him happy.” I am sure that every dog owner can relate to this quote. Many pet owners dedicate their whole life to take care of their pets, thinking their pets are as important as their own children. However, this quote actually speaks the mind of a dog instead of its owner.

A Dog's Purpose is told from the perspective of a dog, and describes the dog's adventures throughout multiple lives as he is reincarnated as a different breed with a brand-new name, but possesses all the memories of his former lives with different pet’s owner. The most remarkable journey is definitely the one with Ethan and Bailey. Bailey bonds with Ethan with a short period when it’s summer living in Ethan’s maternal grandparents house. They have gone through many ups and downs together, as Ethan is leaving for his work, he leaves Bailey at his grandparents home. Eventually Bailey grows old his health deteriorates, and soon he dies. After a few reincarnations, he is reborn as Buddy. He meets Ethan again and helps him get married with a girl called Hannah whom Buddy has met before at the funfair. Buddy convinces Ethan that he’s Bailey. Ethan finds out that there’s the old collar in Buddy’s neck and finally they live together happily. Ethan is the only pet owner that makes him realise the purpose of his life in this world. Even though he’s met a lot of different pet owners but surely Ethan is the one he loves the best !