Father's Day picture competition 2019 entry by Jasmine Cho Li

By Jasmine Cho Li, 14, Cheung Chuk Shan College

We asked our readers to send us a photo that they had taken themselves, or a picture they have drawn themselves, that best represents their dad.

By Jasmine Cho Li, 14, Cheung Chuk Shan College |

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My dad is the sweetest person ever! Even though it looks, on the surface, that he doesn’t show me much care, he takes good care of me. He provides me with unconditional support and protects me.

When I’m sleeping and I kick off my blankets, my dad will tuck them back around me. When I want to buy something that my mum won’t let me have, my dad will put money on my desk with a card that reads: “From your secret angel”. He doesn’t admit that he is my secret angel, but I know he is.

If I get in trouble, he’s the first one to help me get out of it. When I am at fault for something, my dad doesn’t tell me off. Instead, he just tells me how to fix things. My dad’s unconditional love and help means a lot to me. He is my everything. My oxygen, my water, my sun … I literally can’t live without him. I love you so much, Dad!