January 2019 Brain Game: Enter for a chance to show off your wit and win an iPad mini!

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Want to unleash your potential and take your creativity to the next level in the new year? Want to get your work published in Hong Kong's most popular school newspaper?

Brain Game will return in January, don't miss the chance to challenge yourself, appear in Young Post, and possibly win a great prize! In this round, the ultimate winner will win an iPad mini 4 (128GB).

Each week, our contestants will anonymously answer an open-ended question on a wide range of topics, readers then vote for the best answer online - until only the winner remains out of the 11 contestants we'll select for this round.

To be considered for the January 2019 Brain Game, email [email protected] with your name, age, school, and contact number, and answer this question:

Why do you want to be a Brain Gamer?

Brain Game is only open to Hong Kong secondary school students age 11-18. Make sure you email Kelly by 11.59pm on Thursday, December 20. Good luck, brainiacs! 

Check out our Brain Game section to see previous rounds!