Make Dreams Come True

By Mabel Sieh

Students learn how to achieve life goals through financial planning from insurance experts

By Mabel Sieh |

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Students enjoyed a tour inside a branch of Bank of China (Hong Kong) located in the Bank of China Tower in Central.

To provide students in Hong Kong with an opportunity to explore the world and sharpen their writing skills, BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited (“BOCG Life”) collaborated with Young Post in launching a two-day Young Reporter Programme in November. A total of 48 secondary students from different schools participated in the programme. They were offered a VIP visit to the spectacular top floor of the Bank of China Tower in Central, an intensive journalism workshop and face-to-face interview with three senior executives from BOCG Life, Terry Lo (Chief Executive), Ellick Tsui (Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer) and Kialy Lo (Chief Marketing Officer). After the interview, each student wrote a story in journalistic style under the topic ‘Dream Life and Insurance’. Writers of the five best entries were awarded winners.

“The Young Reporter Programme offers Hong Kong students a unique opportunity to develop their English news writing, interviewing and researching skills. At the same time, students learn about the life insurance industry and how financial planning can help them pursue a dream life. These teenagers should find the writing assignment intriguing and yet rewarding,” said Terry Lo, who has over 30 years of extensive experience in the industry covering actuarial work, product development, finance as well as mergers and acquisitions. “BOCG Life has become a major life insurance company in Hong Kong. It provides protection to thousands of families with children who are pursuing their dream lives.”

Terry Lo is pleased with the collaboration with Young Post. He said, “Similar to journalism, the insurance industry is also a people's business, both requiring strong skill sets of fact finding, verbal and written communication and the compassion to care about our community. What students acquired from this programme will benefit them for the rest of their lives,” he said.