Spoil Your Folks! Muhammad Hassan Khalid's entry for the Young Post buffet dinner competition

By Muhammad Hassan Khalid, 13, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School

We asked our readers to write about what their perfect date with their parents or guardians would look like for their chance to win a buffet dinner at a five-star-hotel. Here is one of the entries, which has not been edited

By Muhammad Hassan Khalid, 13, South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School |

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Get to know my parents better

I am at school most of the time. My dad is always at work and my mum is always doing housework. We never talk much. After school, I usually go straight to my room.

My perfect date with my parents would start off with, coincidentally, my dad getting a day off from work (he usually works at weekends as well). My mum would also put down her apron for a day. We would go to Tai Po early in the morning. Since we live in Tuen Mun, we would like to explore the eastern New Territories although it is nearly 38 km away. Tai Po is famous for its country parks and scenic Tolo Harbour view.

We would walk around and then find a football court like the one near Tai Po Market MTR station. My dad and I would play football (of course, I must remember to bring along my football and put on my favourite sneakers). My dad is a beginner but would hold his own against me. We would play until we are tired. By then, Mum would have put some sandwiches and juice for us on a nearby patch of grass. So we would sit there and have a picnic. We would be chatting while eating. I would learn things I never know about my parents before.

After that, we would pack up and go back home sharing more stories. A day out away from home might actually bring me and my parents closer in our hearts.

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