Spoil Your Folks! Choi Po-chi's entry for the Young Post buffet dinner competition

By Choi Po-chi, 13, PLK Tang Yuk Tien College

We asked our readers to write about what their perfect date with their parents or guardians would look like for their chance to win a buffet dinner at a five-star-hotel. Here is one of the entries, which has not been edited

By Choi Po-chi, 13, PLK Tang Yuk Tien College |

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About three years ago, that July is very hot. My parents and I went to Thailand during summer holiday. I love Thailand cause my parents gave me a special birthday.

At that day morning, my mum woke up early and cooked a sandwich to me. It have a big smile which was placed by ketchup on its surface. When I was eating, I suddenly found that the living room was decorated with many colourful balloons and ribbons. I was so rejoicing and took some photos with my parents. After that, we took arrived to the next place.

After took a ride for a while, we reached the zoo. This was the first time that I have seen so many animals, such as giraffes, elephants, tigers.... In addition, my dad told me we have a chance to ride on a elephant around the venue. Fortunately, I became the lucky one. When I was riding on it, I felt that I became the highest person who ruling the world. This experience was very good.

Soon it was dark night, we travelled taxi to go to a building which is the tallest one in Thailand. We were going to have a buffet dinner at there. The night view was so beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised about it. I saw so many cars on the road. Its headlights and taillights were orderly rows. Shaped two white and red lines respectively. Got attention by people. After we finished the dinner, we backed hotel and slept well.

It is the most special birthday in my life. Thank you Mum, Dad!

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