If you could create a video game character, what would it be?

The ultimate Brain Game winner will win a iPad mini 4 (128gb)

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Every Wednesday we ask our Brain Game contestants one interesting, thought-provoking or just plain quirky question. Their answers will be published anonymously in Young Post.Then readers vote for their FAVOURITE answer. We will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST votes every week until we have a winner. The ultimate Brain Game winner will win an iPad mini 4.

Votes close at midnight on Sunday.

The contestants

Contestant 1

If I could create a video game character, I would add a cute but powerful character to the Super Mario Bros game and call it Lil’ Bear.

It would be a bear with big brown eyes, and it would be able to change the colour of its fur depending on its mood. For example, it would be yellow when it is sad and red

when it is angry.

Lil’ Bear is an unlockable character that can help you defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach in the end. The character has three special powers: it can eat ghosts in the haunted castle, give your character an extra life every 30 seconds, and make them invisible for 15 seconds.

The tricky part is that Lil’ Bear is hidden in a secret ninth world that you must enter through a glass door, and you only have one hour in that world to find it.

When you reach the final stage and have to face Bowser, you will discover that he is Lil’ Bear’s grandfather. Then you have to decide whether to trust Lil’ Bear to help you, or fight both of them. If you trust the bear it will help you win the game.

After you save the princess, Lil’ Bear will rap to the Mario theme song and everyone will join in. This character would definitely make the game funnier and more enjoyable.

Contestant 2

I would create a character called Tom who is a magician’s apprentice, who comes from the planet Apex. He was cast out by his people, because he destroyed a sacred vase and the pieces have fallen down to Earth. He must travel to our planet to find the missing pieces to rebuild the vase so that his people will take him back.

With the help of a tracker, he can locate the pieces, but he must get to them quickly because there is a wicked underground organisation called Team Rocket that also want to rebuild the vase and use its power to conquer the world.

Tom wears a pink, sleeveless jacket and white shorts. He has spiky blonde hair and deep blue eyes, and is armed with powerful gloves with magical runes on it that can shoot enemies.

He must venture through the Sahara Desert, the Mediterranean Sea, and even office buildings in Hong Kong to retrieve the pieces. And he will need to fight off Team Rocket

with magic spells to stop them from stealing the pieces for themselves.

The more pieces Tom collects, the stronger he becomes, but he will need all the help he can get because it won’t be an easy journey. He will have to overcome many challenges such as dodging his most hated food, broccoli, in Thailand, and avoiding frostbite in the North Pole. But even if Tom manages to restore the vase, will that be the end of his adventure?

Contestant 3

I would create a character similar to Jinx from League of Legends, except she would have more clothes on. Jinx is one of my favourite video game characters. She is a strong female character that can carry a team to victory. She is quick and can cause serious damage, which is why she is such a popular pick. She is a great female role model for girls, but she’s dressed in a bikini! We need a powerful female character who isn’t created to look attractive.

My version of Jinx would be called Hex – a synonym for “jinx” – and she would be dressed in full-body armour like some of the male characters. That way she would be better protected from harm. Hex would wield a large flame thrower in one hand and a machete in the other, so she can cause close-range and projectile damage.

I believe girls should be able to wear anything they want, but on the battlefield it would be ridiculous to wear close to nothing.

Contestant 4

I would add another character to the horror game Granny. In this one-player escape game, Granny attempts to kill you with her bat while you are trying to find a way out of her house.

If you make a noise by dropping something or step on a creaky floorboard, she will come for you. And if she spots you, she will chase you and the only way to escape is to hide

in one of the secret tunnels in the house.

I think it would be good to have another character in the game that could help you. This character would be the ghost of the last person Granny killed, who wants to help people

get out.

The ghost would alert the player when Granny is nearby, and if she got too close, it would try to delay her by blurring her vision so you could run away. It would also sacrifice itself to save you from being killed, but if you choose to let it do so, you would have to continue the game without its help.

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