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What is your favourite commercial?


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Catherine Wang, 12, Chinese International School

My favourite commercial of all time would have to be any one of the Doritos Super Bowl ads, especially the one with the pug attack. Though some people may oppose the advertising of junk food, I have to say that these are not your usual commercials. Not only are they quirky, humorous, refreshingly short, and use slow motion in a funny way, they also reinforce any unhealthy craving for these tortilla snacks. Compare these to the sickeningly pink and girly Barbie commercials and they deserve Oscar nominations.

Eugene Wong Jun-yen, 18, PAOC Ka Chi Secondary School

My favourite commercial is the "Google Chrome OS" series. The message is clear, the idea is simple and the ad itself is entertaining while being informative. I can watch it over and over, as it gives me ideas on how to present my school projects. It's not the average "this is a good product" commercial. Instead, it presents how innovative the product is. The Google team also has a great sense of humour.

Jasmine Chan Sze-wing, 13, St Rose of Lima's College

Do you know the song Stand By Me from the soya milk commercial? I think most of you will be familiar with the song and this is my favourite commercial. Firstly, I love soya milk. Apart from that, I am impressed by the lyrics of this song. They are so meaningful. It would be good if someone could stand by me when I am facing difficulties, or share my happiness.

Jayson Paolo Albano, 16, La Salle College

As ridiculous as it might sound - and probably for that reason - my favourite commercial has got to be the one that goes "Happy Fish, many Happy Fish ..." There was something catchy about that song because it became the theme tune for my goldfish, and then eventually my ringtone. I learned all the words, both English and Chinese, and I loved how it drove everyone crazy when I suddenly burst out singing it. Then, I found out it was the commercial for Ocean Park's latest attraction. Figures.

Rosemarie Ho, 15, Baptist Lui Ming Choi Secondary School

I don't really watch television, but the cutest commercial I've seen was a Chevy ad during the Super Bowl. (I have a sad life - long story). Back then, I didn't know Glee existed so I didn't understand anything at first, but oh my chocolate chip cookies, the commercial was as cute as a gazillion buttons. Dancing people doing seemingly impossible acrobatics? Check. Sexy cars? Check. Cute song about riding in a Chevy? Check. Crazy but gorgeous people? Check.

Nanor Wong Si-yee, 17, St Margaret's Co-educational English Secondary School

My favourite commercial is the Airwaves ad that shows people being so tired at work and school that they fall asleep while floating out of the window, and then they are given gum which makes them hyperactive. It reflects how most Hongkongers feel: plain tired and drained of energy thanks to Hong Kong having the longest working hours and one of the toughest education systems in the world. Hong Kong has developed at the expense of its people's health, and gum is portrayed as the cure for our fatigue.