Congratulations to our latest Brain Game winner Nester Chik Yiu-kai of Sing Yin Secondary School!

Nester defeated ten other contestants with his creative answers, and wins an iPad mini 5

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Nester is our ultmate Brain Game winner this round.

Our congratulations go to Nester Chik Yiu-kai, 16, of Sing Yin Secondary School for winning the latest round of Young Post's Brain Game. Nester, who beat 10 other contestants along the way, has won an iPad mini 4 (128gb).

Want to unleash your potential and take your creativity to the next level in the latest round of the Brain Game starting in May? Then don't miss the chance to challenge yourself, win a great prize, and get your work published in Hong Kong's most popular school newspaper!

This time there will be nine contestants answering an open-ended question each week on a wide range of topics. Readers can vote online for the best answer - until only the winner remains.

If you could have the world’s attention for three minutes, what would you say?

Take a look at Nester's top three answers:

If you could have a conversation with your favourite childhood toy, what would you say? (Round 8)

Hey, scooter. It has been a long time. How are you doing in the storehouse? Remember when we used to hang out every day? The basketball court, corridors, and parks were some of our favourite places to go. With you, it felt like I was flying in the sky, speeding past all my worries and stress. You would dash around with me, and you also fell with me. You taught me control, to avoid troubles ahead. You taught me to get back up, no matter how painful it was. You were there when I hurt, but you were also there when I grew.

I would love to revisit those good old days … but I cannot ride you any more. I have grown taller, and heavier. I want excitement that you can’t provide any more. It’s not you – it’s time that has separated me from my childhood. Anyway, I appreciate that you made my childhood awesome, and I will never forget the moment I fell in love with your colourful deck, or the memories we made together. If I could go back in time, I would go on one last ride with you …

If you could go into a work of fiction, what would you pick?

If you could create a video game character, what would it be? (Round 9)

I would create a character called Tom who is a magician’s apprentice, who comes from the planet Apex. He was cast out by his people, because he destroyed a sacred vase and the pieces have fallen down to Earth. He must travel to our planet to find the missing pieces to rebuild the vase so that his people will take him back.

With the help of a tracker, he can locate the pieces, but he must get to them quickly because there is a wicked underground organisation called Team Rocket that also want to rebuild the vase and use its power to conquer the world.

Tom wears a pink, sleeveless jacket and white shorts. He has spiky blonde hair and deep blue eyes, and is armed with powerful gloves with magical runes on it that can shoot enemies.

If you could create a video game character, what would it be?

He must venture through the Sahara Desert, the Mediterranean Sea, and even office buildings in Hong Kong to retrieve the pieces. And he will need to fight off Team Rocket with magic spells to stop them from stealing the pieces for themselves.

The more pieces Tom collects, the stronger he becomes, but he will need all the help he can get because it won’t be an easy journey. He will have to overcome many challenges such as dodging his most hated food, broccoli, in Thailand, and avoiding frostbite in the North Pole. But even if Tom manages to restore the vase, will that be the end of his adventure?

If you could have the world’s attention for three minutes, what would you say? (Final round)

It’s a beautiful sunny day, so why not put down your phone? You can admire the blue sky, the green fields, smell the flowers, and listen to birdsong.

Or, at least, you could. But while you’ve been busy immersed in your digital world, the real world has been disappearing.

The Amazon rainforest once held all of nature’s secrets. It was full of life, and was the Earth’s main supply of oxygen. However, its role on the planet is being threatened by human activity. Deforestation has destroyed 17 per cent of the forest, with an annual loss of 18.7 million acres – that’s the same as 27 football fields every minute. Most of us have done nothing to stop this; we’ve all been too busy looking at our screens.

Win a pair of tickets to see Ed Sheeran perform live at Hong Kong Disneyland!

Oceans have been a paradise for marine life ever since the Earth was formed, covering more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface. We want to explore the deepest depths, but the way we treat our planet means we might not get a chance to do that in future. Ocean acidification is destroying the homes of animals in the sea, as well as threatening all marine life. Carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are causing our planet to heat up, leading to warmer waters and things like coral bleaching.

What’s more, millions of marine creatures are being put at risk by plastic waste, such as grocery bags, water bottles, drinking straws, and yogurt containers. Take a walk along the coast, and you’ll see piles of plastic products and the bodies of dead fish. Did you ever stop and wonder what, or who, was causing this?

The Earth is dying and its natural beauty is vanishing. How could anyone deny that climate change and environmental damage are very real and very serious?

In 20 years’ time, there may be no trees or flowers, no glaciers, and coral reefs. Your children will be taught that the sky is grey and jungles are made of concrete. Is this the type of planet we want to pass on to our children?

The earth has more to offer than free resources. Pay attention to the world you are living in, and be considerate to all the creatures we share it with. Thank you.

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