Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2019 Competition entry by Dan Hasofer

By Dan Hasofer, 14, Carmel School Association Elsa High School

We asked our readers about their favourite sports star and most amazing sporting moment and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

By Dan Hasofer, 14, Carmel School Association Elsa High School |

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Torres' risks took Chelsea to the finals.

Fernando José Torres Sanz, born on the 20th of March 1984, is a Spanish footballer who now plays as a striker for Sagan Tosu FC and the Spain national football team. 

Torres began his career with Atlético Madrid, advancing through their youth framework to the main squad. He made his debut in 2001 and completed his time at the club with 75 goals in 174 La Liga appearances.

Following his subsequent fame at other clubs, Torres joined Liverpool in 2007, causing him to become the club's most expensive transfer in their history. Torres performed insanely well at Liverpool. In 2011, Torres left the club to join Chelsea for a British record exchange charge of £50 million, which made him the most costly Spanish player in history, at the time; and that leads me to what I think is the most amazing moment, for this tactical genius of a player. 

In the UCL 2011-2012 season, semi-final; Barcelona vs Chelsea (a very important final), Barcelona had come into this stage of the competition with an advantage. For the second leg, Chelsea was playing away and was tied 1-1. Barcelona was up for a corner in the last minute. It was a very tense moment, as it could decide which team would advance to the next round of the competition. In a smart move, Torres stayed up front, in case his team could launch a quick counter-attack. A quick-thinking Chelsea defender got the ball and booted it up to Torres, who easily skilled his way past the lone Barcelona goalkeeper. This goal was the reason that Chelsea advanced to the following rounds and even won the UCL that year.

This moment is important to me, because not only did it lift the Chelsea team spirit, and the spirit of fans (like myself), but it teaches a very valuable lesson regarding football. It teaches players that they should plan their moves tactically, and be prepared for any scenario. It also teaches us to take risks, not only in football but also in life. Torres could've taken it easy, stayed back, helped defend, and taken it to penalties, but he decided to take a risk. This led to Chelsea accomplishing great things later on. A lesson about football, and a lesson of life.

Come On Chelsea!