Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2019 Competition entry by Ryan Chan Ho-fung

By Ryan Chan Ho-fung, 16, La Salle College

We asked our readers about their favourite sports star and most amazing sporting moment and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

By Ryan Chan Ho-fung, 16, La Salle College |

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Carter (left) is often named one of the greatest players ever.

“Last play of the match, All Blacks has the ball in hand. Aaron Smith passes the ball to Dan Carter at the back, Dan Carter, what is he going to do? Oh! He’s going for a dropped goal! Is it going in? It went in! Dan Carter sealed the win for the All Blacks ! They’ve won the World Cup !” This is last moment of the Rugby World Cup Finals and also my favorite sports moment in which Dan Carter achieved the impossible. This is a short but mesmerizing scene that I will never forget in my life as my favourite sports star, Dan Carter, has made a historic mark in Rugby.

Dan Carter is a renowned rugby player representing the New Zealand’s national team. He has captained the All Blacks hundreds of times but that’s not the only reason why I respect him. In fact, it is his humble personality and the way he acts on and off the pitch that deeply impressed me. From game to game, he made vital nerve-settling tackles or kicks that helped the team seal the win, but he never brags. He is willing to put his body on the line for his teammates and his country. The way he makes self-sacrificing plays but never mentioned them or take credit in front of the camera truly shows the qualities of a great sportsman and that’s exactly why I respect him as my role model in rugby.

In the World Cup Finals, he went for the dropped goal without hesitation. When the ball was gradually flying towards the middle of the posts, I closed my eyes, because I knew Dan Carter would make it. He had gone through different finals, gone through different injuries, I just knew he’s also going to make that kick.

With his brilliance, he’s not just a typical rugby player, he’s truly a legend.