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This Week We Asked: What is your signature clothing item?


Minal Daswani, 16, Island School

I don't have signature clothing, but I have signature jewellery: a necklace. I got the necklace at a market while I was in Cambodia. It is an elephant on a silver chain, and I love it because I think elephants are beautiful animals. I also love the necklace because it is simple and very me.

Agnes Fung Lap-shin, 13, Diocesan Girls' School

My signature clothing item is a friendship bracelet that I tie around my ankle. I like making bracelets out of coloured strands and then swapping them with my friends. Most of the bracelets have themes, such as happy birthday, Valentine's Day or friends forever. The best thing about them is: you never get tired of them! It's a bright yet subtle accessory to add to my outfit. If it's a school day, I tuck it into my sock.

Eina Gurung, 16, St. Margaret's Girl's College, HK

My signature clothing item is a thick cotton scarf. I usually wear scarves throughout the year. I love scarves in different colours and patterns. They can lighten up your whole outfit. In winter, I wear one to keep myself warm. And in summer, I wear a scarf despite the heat because it's too cold in shopping malls and on buses and trains. So I cover up with a scarf indoors, then tie it on my handbag once I'm outdoors. Isn't that clever?

Jennifer Tang Wing-lam, 15, Carmel Secondary School

My pink, fuzzy pyjamas are my favourite clothing item. I am a comfort freak and a "pinkazoid". No other clothing item in the whole world is more comfortable than pyjamas. And if they are fuzzy and pink? Those are the best kind! If I could, I would love to wear my fuzzy, pink PJs wherever I go!

Samantha Cheng, 12, International School of Beijing

In winter, I wear a tank top, and a baggy but stylish shirt outside. I tie the shirt below my waist so you can see part of the tank top underneath. Then, I throw on a pair of skinny jeans and boots - and that's my signature look.

In summer, I just wear a fancy tank top or T-shirt with a short skirt that will match with flats or Converse shoes.

Pradyumn Dayal, 12, German Swiss International School

My signature item would be my blue Converse shoes. I'm the only person in my class who has worn the same type of shoes every day for 21/2 years. I have absolutely no fashion sense, so since I found something that looks OK on me, I don't want to change it. It also might have something to do with the hope that my shoes will learn to fly one day - like in the Percy Jackson books!

Talise Tsai, 15, Discovery College

My signature clothing item would probably be my purple jacket. Purple is my favourite colour, and my mother bought my jacket for my 13th birthday, back when I loved tracksuits. I've had it for two years, and it is still a favourite of mine, partly because it matches almost everything.

Joyce Chan Ching-yan, 16, Maryknoll Fathers' School

Hollister skinny jeans are my signature clothing item. Whenever I wear them, I feel relaxed. I can wear them for all seasons in Hong Kong, whether the weather is hot or cold. Also, they match any blouse and T-shirt. They are fashionable and not too fancy - which is good because I'm not trying to make a huge impression with my look.