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We asked our Young Post readers to design and draw a tattoo for Ed Sheeran with a Hong Kong theme, and to explain their concept in 150 words or less.

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We asked our Young Post readers to design and draw a tattoo for Ed Sheeran with a Hong Kong theme, and to explain their concept in 150 words or less.

Here are some of our best entries:

Vitória Carneiro Zhu, 16, Canadian International School of Hong Kong

The basis of the tattoo design is the bauhinia flower, one of the defining symbols associated with Hong Kong. It is a more stylized version of the one represented on the HK flag, and more fitting with Ed Sheeran's many, complex tattoos. The flower is held up by the symbol for division, a nod to Ed's album, Divide, as well as the tour in which he will be on while in HK. The Chinese character in the middle of the bauhinia means music, making the tattoo more intimate and personal for Ed. The combination of the three elements represents Ed's time in Hong Kong, as the bauhinia is subtle but significant to HK's culture, and is, in its way, supported and held up by Ed's Divide symbol. The Chinese character is a direct nod to Chinese culture, ever present in Hong Kong, which Ed will undoubtedly experience while here.

Leung Choi-mei, 17, CCC Ming Yin College

My design of the tattoo is a divisor.Inside the divisor, there are the initials of Hong Kong and a black silhouette skyline at the Victoria harbour.The divisor represents the Ed’s Divide World Tour.The word H and K means that Hong Kong and the silhouette shows the harbour front view at the Victoria Harbour.

Hui Wang-him, 17, Pui Kiu Middle School

The tattoo is based on the Chinese character of Hong Kong’s Kong. The story behind of the tattoo is Hong Kong uniqueness in its culture and heritage, the modern and the future. The tattoo covers many aspects of living in Hong Kong. The red-white-blue color symbolises the age of manufacturing economy thrive in the 1960s and the lion rock spirit inherited by every Hong Kong people passed on from generation to generation. The second element is the spectacular night view along the Victoria Harbour, which can be glimpsed from The Peak high above the city or watching it from the star ferry. Lastly, Hong Kong is bringing the best food all over the world supported by its great diversity. The famous egg waffle and egg tart are definitely people’s all-time obsession. Lastly, the name of Ed is merged with the design.

Rai Barsa, 17, St Mary’s Canossian College

In the Chinese culture, Koi fish is considered legendary. There are two forms of Koi fish, one facing upstream and the other facing downstream. The Koi facing upstream represents a person struggling in a battle but is still persevering. Whereas, the Koi facing downstream is associated with overcoming and achieving great difficulties. At the very end, the Koi fish continues to fight against the rough current and achieves serenity. Overall, it means that despite the extreme water conditions in the ocean, the Koi fish didn’t give up which led to it completing a transformation and achieving its goals, symbolising the bravery of hard work.

This can be linked to Ed Sheeran’s journey. Similar to the Koi fish, Ed started his journey at a tender age with full determination. Although he too was halted by the rough current of rejections, the only thing he did was persist. Thus, today, only and only because of Ed Sheeran’s diligence, millions across the globe can hear his soothing voice that touches our soul.

Wilson Kwok Sze-yin, 13, Kwok Tak Seng Catholic Secondary School

This tattoo combines the idea of Hong Kong and Ed Sheeran.Firstly as you can see the background of the tattoo is the back of Mickey Mouse and  Mickey Mouse is the iconic character of the Disneyland.Therefore, Mickey Mouse for the background can cooperate that Ed Sheeran is going to have his first 2 concerts in the Hong Kong this time.Disneyland is the happiest place in the world and Mickey Mouse is the icon of happiness and that means Hong Kong is full of happiness and Ed Sheeran too.He is going to have two concerts in the happiest place! Secondly in the middle of the tattoo, there is the symbol"&".That is not only "and" this meaning.It also combines a guitar image in it.It can also cooperate that Ed Sheeran is a musician and a singer.Actually,he is a good guitar player too.